The constant gym bro debate... are supplements necessary or do they just make expensive pee? Unfortunately there's no standard answer. It's all about research and trusting which outlets you choose. Here's The Shoe Fairy's take.
You hear it all the time, it's preached all over every social media outlet: practice balance. But finding balance on prep can seem near impossible. You want the abs, the solid body, but a little "balance" could get you some ice cream and pizza. So what's a hungry girl to do?! Read on.
You think you're gonna walk up there and strut your stuff like you're walking the cat walk? Think again. There's an art to posing and it's all detailed here!
Prep can be stressful. A fitness lifestyle can be stressful. Be sure you're taking the proper "you" time to recoup those tired muscles and that always on-the-go mind.
Spray tans can be tricky if you haven't gotten them done before, and even if you have, they probably weren't anything like a show day tan. Be prepared and read this blog before you head to your appointment.