We believe that buying new heels over and over again is sooo unacceptable… you deserve quality! 

At The Shoe Fairy, our Olympians are built different. These heels are designed exclusively by us and are not just another heel mass produced for profit.

With the goal of becoming the solution to the problems of the existing heels on the market, we won't stop until your feet look and feel amazing.

Our #GrayBottoms feature soft/flexible plastic that forms to your foot. The insole is cushioned, easy to clean, vegan and super sparkly. Plus, the wider/rounded foot bed was designed to fit the shape of your foot to provide a sleek finish.

A common beginner mistake would be to order heels *elsewhere* that are uncomfortable, made of cheap material and will break easily in hopes to save money. However, you will need to keep replacing these shoes, thus spending the same amount of money and being dissatisfied with your purchase time and time again.

As an example, just 1 pair of our high-quality Iconic Olympians equals 3 pairs of the “lower quality.” Do the math! 

Our Olympians are WORTH the investment. One good pair of heels will last you season after season, your confidence will shine and your feet will thank you, too!

Experience the difference: