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Featured Athlete
Vanessa Mejia

2X Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor
Owner of VFit Store
Nutrion Sciene Student
Store Instagram: @vfit_store
Clothing Facebook: VFitClothing
Personal Instagram: @vanessamfit
Personal Facebook:Vanemejia
Vanessa Mejia is originally from Colombia. She is passionate about fitness and strongly believes that a positive attitude could change a life. She was always athletic, after which she began to experiment with nutrition and diet coming to the point where she wanted to completely transform her life and build the body of her dreams. Vanessa knew it was going to be a tough challenge but she was determined to give it all. She proved to herself how great she is and how much her body can do when she is able to control her mind and make it work towards her goals.
It was when she decided to go after her dreams. Her body has responded. Her mind followed. She made her habits, then her habits made the new vanessa. She is a Nutrition Science student, Fitness lover, business woman and hard worker. Vanessa is the founder of Vfit a fitness clothing and sleepwear company. .… Live, love, lift, namaste ૐ