How to Pose for A Bikini Competition

A better poser will always beat a better body.


The Posing School was founded by Bikini PRO, Rebecca Cox who was fed up with mediocre posing & didn’t believe all athletes be taught the same routine - no person is the same; no physique is the same, so neither should their posing.

But there are challenges to learning posing: busy schedules, budgets, learning speed, and travel.

The Posing School is a game-changing, streamlined solution for athletes everywhere, changing how bodybuilding posing is taught & giving competitors an edge.

  • In your own time & on your own terms
  • A toolkit to make posing unique to you
  • Incredible detailed & comprehensive
  • Affordable & budget friendly
  • Community platform to connect with others

The Shoe Fairy is proud to partner with The Posing School to announce this new IFBB/NPC Bikini Posing Course that has just launched!

The 10-module course offers huge value and covers a high amount of detail, delivered in a comprehensive, guided program:

  • Posture
  • Walking
  • Mandatory poses
  • Transitions
  • Comparisons & Individual Walk
  • Personalising your posing
  • Stage presence & mindset
  • Details & final touches

It’s tailored specifically to the latest NPC/IFBB bikini posing trends and completely personalisable to you and your physique. 

It's posing on your terms, at your pace, & in your budget.

It's a no-brainer. 

Get started TODAY!