"Which Style Is Right For Me?" 👠

So, you’re looking for the PERFECT pair of stage heels for your special day… but what is the perfect pair? The perfect pair for YOU - one that will be the look you want to achieve on show day, while being comfortable and the correct fit for your feet. 

Whether you have narrow feet and love all things “bedazzle” or wide feet and prefer to keep it plain; we have your dream shoes!

While you’re shopping on our website, shoefairyofficial.com, you can see that all products have a description in which it features this graphic to let you know how the heel will fit. 


Here in this blog, however, we get a bit more specific and help narrow down which category each heel falls under. 

One last note - none of our heels are necessarily for “wide” feet, however, some styles are constructed differently than others and will be a better choice!

Narrow feet:

Plain: Pixie, Gia, Grace, Farrah, Fantasy

Bling: Foxy, Chic, Ella Glitz, Glitz, Fantasy AB, Nova, Stardom, Dazzle, Glitz Strapped

BONUS TIP: For an even better fit, add our Heel Good Insert to take up any extra room you have in the front of the heel under the plastic strap. It is a dense foam insert and will never flatten as you continuously wear your heels for posing practice!

Wide feet:

Plain: Olympian, Olympian Mule, Divine Olympian, Bella, Heavenly, Princess, Desire, Allure, Arielle, Lush, Diva

Bling: Radiant Olympian, Iconic Olympian, Iconic Olympian Mule, Knockout, Glitz Strapped, Luminous, Nova Bella

BONUS TIP: Need to stretch the plastic a bit more? Not a problem! Use heat from a blow dryer to help loosen it. You can read more about the how here!

STILL unsure of which style to choose? It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

Just take our shoe quiz:

  1. Do you prefer strap or strapless?
  2. Platform: high or low?
  3. Bling or no bling?

That’s it! Now, happy shopping!