#TSFTipsTuesday: Blow Dryer Trick

Ok...we’re giving it away...this not-so-secret, secret is HUGE for achieving the perfect fit with your heels! It’s been widely used by competitors for years and utilizes tools you most likely have already lying around your house!

When you purchase your heels with us, you always get a prepaid return shipping label, so that if the shoe truly does not fit, you can return it with ease. However, 90% of the time shoes are returned because the plastic feels “too snug”. Yet, all that needs to happen is for them to stretch out over time and a simple and easy way to speed up that process is to use a blow dryer and a thick pair of socks!

So here’s the scoop:

  1. Put on a pair of thick socks (or two normal socks) and place your feet in the heels you would like to stretch out.
  2. Set your blow dryer to medium heat and point it at the plastic for 15-30 seconds.
  3. Move the dryer back and forth and keep the nozzle a few inches away to prevent scorching the shoe.
  4. Boom! Done. Now the heels should be molded for your feet. It's a game changer!

Olympian Tip: The nature of the plastic of our Olympian heels is more soft/flexible than the other styles. You can also apply the blow dryer heat to plastic and then stretch the plastic upper with your hands.

It’s THAT simple! #PinkBoxSquad Sponsored Athlete Lauren First shows us how it’s done in this IGTV video