TSF #PinkBoxSquad Athletes Launch a NEW "FIT" App!

Two of our amazing #PinkBoxSquad Athletes, IFBB pros, Whitney Jones & Alexandria Ross, have just launched their first ever fitness app and we have ALL of the details for you! We sat down (virtually) with these two powerhouses, and asked them to give us the low-down on all things 'A & W Fitness' - why they came up with it to begin with, where to find it, the cost, who it's meant for and what you can expect from each workout!

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Q: What inspired you ladies to create a workout app?

A: We have tons of different reasons we wanted to create this app! This list will look like a Walgreens receipt - LOL! Looking back, we both wish we were able to confidently go into a gym and execute a training program instead of pretending like we knew what we were doing. We remember what it was like to be a beginner, have gym-timidation, and not know a thing about proper form, reps and sets, WTF a superset was, or know about rest times/recovery.

Quite frankly it can be SO overwhelming, and for some discouraging. We wanted to use this app to INSPIRE people to confidently step into a gym, be able to execute a workout with proper form following our video demos, and have proper rest times (the app has a built in timer for working and resting minutes), as well as learn about exercise progressions and regressions, and ultimately build confidence in their fitness journey.

We are passionate about training, love trying new workouts, pushing ourselves, and pushing others. Our online client base LOVES when they get a new training plan tailored to them because they know it’s going to be the BIZ-NASS!!! We saw this app as a huge blessing & opportunity to connect and help a much larger group outside our online client base.

Since the app is very cost effective, it gives Whitney and myself a way to help others reach their health and fitness goals, expand our fitness community, and ultimately build a huge circle where users feel supported by us and by other subscribers. We want our subscribers to stay motivated, create friendships, and have outside support. These are things we didn’t necessarily have when we started our fitness journey, and as coaches we hear a lot about our clients who struggle with feeling alone at times. 

Our mission is to make sure our subscribers can go into the gym or home gym with a plan, can properly and confidently execute it, start feeling and looking their best, and connect with us along with other users to celebrate their successes, no matter how big or small!

Q: Why is your app different than other home workout programs?

A: This app is not just for home- it includes workouts for all different spaces and programs for all activity levels! We created this app  keeping ALL people in mind; Whether you’re just starting out in your fitness journey or you’re an avid gym go-er with the booty scrunch pants and matching crop top - we got you girl! ;)

Our mission was to create an app with guided workout programs that appealed to anyone interested in progressing in their fitness journey. Whether their goal was to get started and gain confidence, or level up and be pushed in different ways, there is a program for you. Each month we will continue to create new content and release new programs and workouts for our subscribers to ensure they are mixing up their training. 

We are also different in the way that we want to truly CONNECT with our subscribers! Whitney and I plan to have monthly live Q and A's, celebrate our users and hear their success stories, and eventually have challenges and hold training camps where we can connect with our users not just virtually, but in person as well! We want to create a community between A&W Fitness users where they feel supported in their journey and motivated to keep working towards their best self!

Q: Is it made for competitors only, or can anyone do it?


Q: Are there different levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced?

A: Yes! Our exercise programs are designed for all levels! One reason we really wanted to be fitness creators on Trybe (the app that powers our programs) is because the app was so user friendly and offered progressions as well as regressions for exercises. This allows our users to make a workout more challenging if needed, or vice versa, and allow for modifications to the users ability level.

Q: Is it suitable for the gym AND home, or one or the other?

A: Yes! We decided to launch with 3-6 week programs, and like we mentioned before we will continuously be adding new content. Our first 3 programs we launched are:

  • 6 week Tone at Home (home based program)
  • 6 week Total Body Gym Program
  • 6 weeks to Get Glam Glutes (glute focused)

Next month we will be launching Total Body Circuits - it’s gonna be GOOD!

Q: With that, what equipment do you need?

A: For home workouts, all thats needed is bands and some dumbbells if you have them. For all other programs, a gym with all the basic machines and equipment will do!

Q: What is the cost?

A: To celebrate the launch we are offering 25% off all subscription costs! 

1 Month is typically $14.99, but is discounted to $11.24

6 months is typically $69.99 but is discounted to $52.49

And our most popular option - 12 months! This rate is $119.99, but is discounted at $89.99 currently

Q: How do you sign up?

A: Our app is powered by Trybe; We recommended visiting this link off your Andriod or IOS device https://trybe.do/awfitness which will direct you to to download the app Trybe and then automatically subscribe you to our programs. If you would like, you can visit our website  https://www.aandwfitness.com/ and there is a link that directs you to the app Trybe and our programs as well :) 

Q: How many workouts is it, and is it constantly changing?

A: We started with 3-6 Week Programs, and will keep building off of that! Each month we plan on adding more content!

Q: Random – do you ladies have any show plans coming up??

A: Whit has the Arnold in just a few weeks, and then the 2021 Olympia baby! Alex is currently planning on showing this fall - TBD!


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