Behind the Line: Naked

Hi loves! My name is Alexa. I am the owner of The Shoe Fairy and the visionary behind our new line, NAKED! 

maternity shoot in high heels

Why I made this:

The inspiration behind the line is the "The heels that look and feel like you're wearing nothing." Why? Because I LOVE heels and I literally hate how uncomfortable the vast majority of them are. I am an avid heel wearer (if that isn't a term, now it is) and I am not talking "kitten" heels. I mean HIGH heels! I wear heels because they make me feel sexy and confident. Yet, if my feet hurt and I can't stand or walk in them, I feel anything but that. 

That's where my passion lies. Creating heels that are HIGH, SEXY and COMFY! The jackpot for all women. After being boxed into the bodybuilding industry for so many years, I just wanted to create heels that EVERYONE can enjoy. I understand not everyone wants to hop on the clear heel trend but everyone can always use a staple nude heel. 

Naked Shoe Fairy Collection

The "term" NUDE...ugh. There's so many shades. It took me forever to get this beautiful lineup of pantones that we have here. I wanted inclusivity covering a wide range of shades. The idea is to color match yourself as you would makeup. Since the upper of this shoe is clear, it simply blends in and matches your legs. They're like makeup for your feet! Simply accentuating your beauty, not taking away from it. 

The best part is, they also feel like butter. I am not kidding and the fit? Perfection. It's made from my mould that I designed myself (not found on the market) in colors that I came up with in photoshop and materials that I chose. Only the best, honestly. You just need to feel for yourself.

...I even wear them pregnant ;) 

How I made this:

Here's the short and simple version. I developed the mould for the Olympian 2.0 heels and it took 2 years to make. What is a mould you ask? A mould is a hollowed out block that sets the shape of a product being made. For shoes - A LOT goes into this. It's not like creating a mould for a bracelet charm. To make it even more difficult, we are talking HIGH heels, not flats. To make it even MORE difficult, we are talking COMFY high heels that fit the shape of your foot and look sexy yet feel stable. Leave it to me to set out on this mission, during the pandemic when supplies/materials and factories were all going haywire. 

In short, the mould was FINALLY complete and approved so we made two versions - one for our clear version and one for the nude version. This is because we want to ensure our clear Olympian 2.0's stay crystal clear! Throughout this whole time period, I was also creating the shades. You're probably wondering....oh so you just picked some out that are on the market? Nope! I can't ever make things simple 😂 I actually created these shades in Photoshop. I would find pantones that I liked and then get samples made with them. However, once I saw it on a shoe, it always looked so different. I spent a lot of time browsing other nude heels online and at the mall to see what most companies were doing. While I am not trying to re-invent the wheel, I did want my line to be unique. I didn't want to just take shades that are on the market and call it a day. 

High Heels Color Shade

After countless samples, trial and error, finding the most perfect insole material (ugh, it's seriously feels like butter) we finally finished the design of our first Naked Launch! I am so grateful to have an amazing team and factory full of talented individuals that helped bring this to life. 

Heels Size