What To Expect At Your First Fitness Competition - By TSF's Very Own

Ahhh, we all remember our first... fitness competition!
Get your head out of the gutter! What did you think we meant?! 😜 
Or, maybe this is your very first time competing and have NO idea what to expect! No worries! This is where we come in. 
The world of fitness competitions is constantly changing, but some of the basics never do - such as show etiquette, the glitz, the glam, and bringing your best; on and off the stage. 
Also, some of the best advice any pro or amateur level competitor with one show or more under their belt will tell you that it’s very normal to feel all of the feelings you have towards show day - the excitement, the stress, the panic, the anxiousness, but above all, it will go FAST so love and appreciate every moment.
At TSF, we are BY a competitor, for a competitor, and always work to bring you the most accurate, honest and open advice we possibly can. So, who better to write this article than our own Marketing Manager, Rachel, who now has competed in 2 fitness competitions in the bikini category and has had her fair share of ups and downs along the way.
Read along to see some of her top tips and unfiltered, raw advice to slay show day and have a much better understanding of what to expect - the good, the bad and everything in between!
First and foremost, the most important advice I can give a newbie fitness competitor is to leave your ego at home. You may think you look the BEST or that you know what you’re doing and have your routine nailed to a T, but when you’re up against some of the best bodies in your state or country, I can assure you, you’re probably not. Plus, once the hot, bright stage lights are beaming down on you as you hold your front pose for the judges, you will be completely humbled… I assure you! (Thank G-D for the Olympians’ comfort cushions, just saying!)
You might read that line as a first time competitor and be like “wait, pee cup?!” Yes, pee cup!
Think about it. Your fresh, super bronzed tan is glistened and glazed and the last thing you need is a stroke of your pee ruining it down your leg. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to forgetting that one at my very first show. 
Also, bring EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need. Think: mom status. Nail and lash glue for emergencies, lip gloss for touch ups, a mini scissor, both regular and fashion tape; legit EVERYTHING. You neverrrr know. Pack too much? Cool! Maybe you’ll help out your competition and make a new “backstage bestie”!
A lot of first time competitors will be superrrr bubbly, anxious, and excited which is GREAT, trust me. However, the stress can raise your cortisol levels and keep your mind section a bit bloated which you obviously don’t want on stage. Plus, there is so much happening between the different classes being called to go on, rules and regulations being taught and so much more - your best bet is to stay in your zone, sit back and simply observe! Just take it all in, girlfriend!
Don’t feel rushed. The show promoters and staff will make you hustle backstage and rush you onto the stage, but do NOT feel like you need to run through your routine and rush off stage. Go slow and do it exactly as you practiced. Keep calm, cool and collected and show them what you got! (A hair flip or two for some sass is a bonus!)
Sounds silly - but the judges watch everything and if you look miserable in the time you are not the center of attention, they will notice. You need to play the part from start to finish when you are on stage. (P.S. “RBF” is not cute on anyone!)
So, those are just a *few* of the best pieces of advice I could offer our TSF friends and first time competitors who just want to hear it from a girl like them who’s “been there, done that”!
Above all, truly just have FUN on show day! You worked SO hard and you have so much to be proud of. You did this for YOU and if no one else tells you - WE, The Shoe Fairy team are proud of YOU!
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