No More Fabulicious Heels For Us 😱

If you've ordered heels from us in the past and they came in a blue box labeled Fabulicious, did you wonder "are these even The Shoe Fairy heels?" If so, we're here to clear up any confusion!

The Fabulicious line was a lower price point line of clear heels we offered with LOTS of variety. We retailed these shoes, as they were not exclusively designed by us. Our Olympian and Olympian 2.0 lines (the pink boxes with the handles) are the heels actually designed and sold exclusively by us. Other retailers will also sell these Fabulicious brand heels. You can compare the two brands in this graphic below:

Fabulicious brand heels

To kickoff this major change, we announced why we are parting ways with this retailer in a 2 part Instagram series that you can watch here:



Now that the blue boxes are phasing out, it's time to secure your new Olympians! Make the change today and feel the difference for yourself.

(P.S. - We will be expanding these lines with more variety SOON!) 😉👠