The Best Heel for a Bodybuilding Competition

Are you a newbie preparing for their first bodybuilding competition, stumbling over your own two feet while posing?

Or, maybe you're a frequent competitor, even a pro, but SUCK at walking in high heels… 😅

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, a comfortable high heel is what every female bodybuilder (and woman, in general) needs. 

The BRAND NEW Olympian 2.0 line is truly the heel that doesn't feel like a heel! We completely reconstructed our OG Olympian line and designed it with a shorter heel. You can expect the heel to feel less steep than your typical heel and your toes will NOT slide over. They are here to revolutionize the way you view high heels!

All 3 styles of the Olympian 2.0 line have exactly the same features you know and love within our original Olympian line, just with a 4.5" clear heel. All Olympians have a 3/4" platform, synthetic sparkly insole (easy to clean), flexible/soft plastic upper, cushioned insole for amazing comfort, rounded footbed, vegan heels, and gray bottoms for an ultra sleek finish.

Just check out this comparison and use this post as a reference!

Ifbb Bikini Pro Ashley Kaltwasser

We have IFBB Bikini Pro Ashley Kaltwasser at the 2021 Olympia (left) vs 2022 Olympia (right).

A common question we have been receiving is to see a comparison of what the Olympian 2.0 looks like vs the standard Olympian. What better comparison than Ashley on the Olympia stage?!

️Left - Olympian Mule (OG black bottoms, 5” heel, 3/4” platform)

Right - Strappy Olympian 2.0 (gray bottoms, 4.5” heel, 3/4” platform)

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