Introducing: Vixen Olympian

Make way for a NEW Olympian in the lineup!

Meet: Vixen Olympian and get ready to take your posing to new heights.

Vixen Olympian is available in three style variations. The ankle strap (Vixen Olympian), the strapless/single front strap (Vixen Olympian Mule), and double strap (Vixen Strappy Olympian). These three all feature a 5" heel and 1" platform. Designed to make you look and feel sexier than ever! 

All three variations also feature the same heel and platform height as our Goddess Olympian. However, they do not have any crystals and come in the two other variations with the strapless and double strap styles to choose from.

Vixen Olympian High Heels

Vixen Strapless Olympian High Heels

For any of our girls who love a high platform and the feeling of being tall and lean on stage, these are the right heels for you!

Give them a look, and check out the rest of our Olympian line of heels here:

As a reminder, our Olympians are designed exclusively by us and feature soft/flexible plastic that forms to your foot. The insole is cushioned, easy to clean, vegan and super sparkly. Plus, the wider/rounded foot bed was designed to fit the shape of your foot to provide a sleek finish.

No matter what your style preference is, there's something for everyone!