THESE ARE HEELS THAT DON'T FEEL LIKE HEELS... but don’t just take our word for it! Meet: Katriona Aromin (@katriona.fit) - one of The Shoe Fairy’s top performing affiliates!

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Katriona in this TSF/Naked photo shoot and asked her a few questions for us, as well as our community, to get to know her better.

Plus, she even gives some insight on what she would tell a first-time TSF customer, having never tried our heels before!


Q: First, tell us a little about yourself!

A: I am 25 years old & married to an amazing man for 5 wonderful years. I am a college dropout. School just wasn’t for me & I knew I had a bigger calling in my life, I truly didn’t believe school & working a 9-5 job was the only way to become successful. At the age of 18 I was introduced to entrepreneurship. I was apart of the biggest travel club in the world in 2016 which allowed me to help people find fun, freedom & fulfillment while making money helping people do so. In addition, it gave my husband & I the opportunity to travel to 70 destinations in the last 6 years. We like to say we never got over our honeymooning phase. I've attended personal development seminars around the world since I was 18 years old to help me sharpen my mind, people & marketing skills. 

Katriona Aromin

Q: How long have you been a TSF customer and affiliate with us?

A: I've been a TSF customer since March 15th of 2021. On November 7th, 2022 is when I officially became an affiliate partner with TSF. 

Q: What were your first TSF heels and how many in total do you now have?

A: My very first TSF competition heels were the “OLYMPIANS.” My first bodybuilding show was on October 16th, 2021. I wore my “3 & 4 row clear stretch bracelet” & “Celine earrings” & felt so glamorous on stage that I won every single one of my classes & snagged the title of 2021 MISS SAN FRANCISCO OVERALL BIKINI winner. My husband is my videographer/photographer so we captured all the great quality pictures & tagged TSF on Instagram. I have a total of 4 pairs of heels now. 

Katriona Aromin

Q: How do these heels make you FEEL?

A: These heels make me feel confident, sexy & elegant. 

Q: If someone who has never tried our heels was asking about them, or trying them for the first time, what would you want them to know?

A: For my first timers, it's rare to come across a heel that is versatile, COMFORTABLE yet dazzling at the same time. These aren’t just show day heels but going out heels for any outfit. THESE ARE HEELS THAT DON'T FEEL LIKE HEELS! They are true to size, whether you want a heel strap to give you security or not, TSF has options that best represent YOU! 

Katriona Aromin


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