Dec. 2022: Statement Release

I started this business in 2015 shortly after I did my first bikini competition. The bodybuilding world is and has always been our niche. Throughout the years, I have poured my heart and soul into designing and growing my own line of heels. The Olympian Line.

With new, game-changing styles on the way, I want EVERYONE to be able to experience what I work so hard on.

Bodybuilding is not a lifelong sport and we are choosing to evolve alongside you. Just as there are seasons within the sport, we want you to always have a reason to wear your Olympian heels.

With all this being said, welcome to a new era of The Shoe Fairy. An era where all women should feel comfortable and confident in their heels. Whether they are a bodybuilder or NOT. An era where you invest in a good pair of heels and want to wear them EVERYWHERE. Not just on stage.

You may notice our marketing beginning to evolve and blossom, along with products that will encourage you to do the same. We thank you for your ongoing support and hope you take this ride with us! We promise to bring our best ++ heels that make you feel so sexy you'll never want to take them off (and you won't have to, because they won't hurt).

- xoxo, Alexa