Black vs. Gray Bottoms: What's the Difference?

Black vs. Gray Bottoms… What's the difference? And does it even MATTER?!

High Heels

You've probably seen on our website that the Olympians have a special webpage, separate from our entire line of clear heels. These styles have a GRAY bottom, while the 'others' have black.

So, here's the main difference - exactly that! The Black bottoms are from our Fabulicious line of heels that we distribute. The Gray Bottoms are from our exclusive Olympian line of heels that we design.

At The Shoe Fairywe love the sleek, sexy look of the Gray Bottoms which is why we designed them this way!

Not only do these heels feature the gray bottom, but they also exude INCREDIBLE qualities such as cushioned and easy-to-clean (no more tan stains) insoles, vegan material, and a wider/rounded foot bed designed to fit the shape of your foot to provide a sleek finish. Plus, they're super sparkly!

See below for a visual comparison between our Fantasy (Fabulicious style) and Olympian (The Shoe Fairy) exclusive. 


It's no wonder that our customers RAVE about the Olympians with over 300+ 5 star reviews!

Join the #PinkBoxSquad today and give your feet what they really deserve. To be the best you must wear the best!