Which Styles Will Fit Me?

A super common question we get is, “Which style shoe will fit me? I have ___ feet…”

To help make thing’s easier, we now include on the product page for every pair of Clear Heels a little sizing description to help guide you in the right direction for choosing your next shoe!

Plus, the image above shows a breakdown of ALL of our styles and which "foot type" they're best suited for!

If you have a wider foot, certain styles may not be right for you (even with this amazing blow-dryer trick to loosen the plastic we love oh, so much!)

Same thing goes with narrow feet! However, if your foot is just super narrow, you can always add in a ‘Heel Good Insert’ to take up any extra space you may have in any style you choose!

At The Shoe fairy, we want to make your online shopping experience as seamless as possible, so simple tricks like this can help get you rocking the stage in the right pair of heels in no time! 

Plus, with our Olympian & Olympian Mule restock opening for pre-orders next Friday, July 23rd, now’s the time to “try before you buy” and make sure they’re the right heel for YOU!