You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers! Here are 10 of our most commonly asked questions, answered in this blog! Save this for future reference and share it with a friend who needs it too.

  1. Q: I’m a first time competitor. Which shoes do I choose?

A: ANY! The most important question is, which shoes will you feel most comfortable in? It all depends on your style and preference. We always advise everyone to choose the shoe that they would feel most confident in! Please check your federation’s guideline’s first. After, click the tab on our menu bar to take our Shoe Quiz to help you pick!

  1. Q: How do I know which platform to pick?

A: That is completely based on the individual! We suggest checking your federation’s guidelines first. Then it is up to you. Most people find that a higher platform (1”) is easier to walk in. This is because it makes the shoe feel less steep.  However, the 1” platform may appear bulky on someone who is very short (5 feet or less). In that case, we suggest a ¾” or shorter platform.

  1. Q: If I am a half size, do I size up or down?

A: Each shoe has sizing instructions in the description. We usually recommend going up to the next whole size because we noticed with all of the exchanges we do, everyone almost always tends to have to go bigger! (If not - you can still add our ‘Heel Good Insert’ for a perfect fit!

  1. Q: Do the heels come in wide?

A: These heels do NOT come in wide styles! However, we do have a few styles that have a wider toe bed. These include Olympian, Lush, Luminous, Bella, Nova Bella and Knockout.

  1. Q: I have narrow feet, what do you recommend?

A: If you are looking for a short heel, Pixie and Dreamer both run narrow. We do NOT recommend the Princess heels for narrow feet. Any other style is just fine! If the shoe appears loose in the foot strap area, we suggest getting a foot pad or insert to stick in the insole to take up any extra space.

  1. Q: The plastic is tight, how do I break in my shoe?

A: Please keep in mind when the plastic is brand new, it may feel tight at first! The more you wear them, the more they will begin to break in. Wearing them with socks will also help stretch the plastic more. One trick that works like a charm is applying heat from your blow dryer (this will soften the plastic) and then putting them on!

  1. Q: I’m ready to order! Where do you ship to?

A: US & Canada!

  1. Q: Can I return for a different size?

A: Yes, we accept returns! You may return your items for store credit or a refund within 30 days of your original order. To view our full policy, click here

  1. Q: Are you accepting new Sponsored Athletes?

A: We do not allow submissions for sponsorships. We seek out and approach strong, confident & like-minded women to represent us! However, once a year we have our Angel Search for new athletes and we strongly encourage EVERYONE to sign up for our Affiliate Program. (You may even get noticed to become a Sponsored Athlete!)

  1. Any other questions, just ask! Send our office manager an email who is always happy to help! Bianca@shoefairyofficial.com.