The Olympian Heels 101

When choosing a show day heel, you have LOTS of options! Maybe you like a lot of bling, or maybe you like none at all. While looking for the perfect shoe, there’s a few things to keep in mind. If you’re not an expert at walking in heels to begin with, you may want to opt for a shoe with more support and a secure ankle strap. More advanced competitors may prefer a sleek, strapless heel to elongate their legs and give them more mobility to grace the stage.
Regardless, this is YOUR big day and after putting in weeks of hard work training, dieting, and practicing your posing routine, you want to make sure you look and feel your best on show day and put your best food forward the second you step on stage (literally!)
A lot of people will stress over how to choose their show day heels, when in reality there’s three basic questions you need to ask yourself. Seriously, just 3! 
Here’s all you need to decide:
Olympian Heels
Yes, of course you have TONS of options on our site. But here at The Shoe Fairy, we’ve re-designed the competition heel and have created the most COMFORTABLE shoe you could possibly wear! Introducing…the Olympian!
Comfortable Heels
But… don’t just take it from us! Check out our Olympian reviews here, where competitors rave about how easy they are to walk in, the softness of the plastic, and the comfort of the padding.
What truly sets our Olympians apart are the easy to clean, stain resistant and cushioned insoles, the soft, flexible plastic front covering with more support, and the round, wide toe bed that makes it different than any other competition heel on the market. Check out this graphic below!
The Shoe Fairy Olympian Heel
Our original Olympian heels had SUCH a good response, we went ahead and launched the Olympian Mule- the strapless version with a higher plastic front for more support (no more worrying about losing your balance on-stage!) Plus, not only are they easy to walk in, but they are so aesthetically pleasing as well. Having no ankle strap gives the illusion of longer legs.
Worried about sizing? We got you! The sizing for our Olympian and Olympian Mules are that they are medium width, true to size. If you are a half size, we suggest sizing DOWN to the nearest whole size. These run more on the "big" side. If your foot is wider or the plastic feels tight, you may apply heat from a blow dryer for 10-30 seconds to help the plastic expand and stretch. Narrow Feet? No biggie. Check out our perfectly curated custom inserts here.
These shoes are so amazing; we’ve even styled them for the streets (OMG- gorg!)
Street Styling Hells
To recap, choosing a competition heel is truly as easy as 1-2-3! If you need any further assistance, visit our website and take our shoe quiz which will give you personalized results to help you decide! Additionally, sign up for our emails and receive our FREE E-book, “The Comprehensive Guide to Your First Competition'', a simple guide for any competitor- especially newbies- to help them know what to expect before, during, and after show day as well as some extra shoe FAQ!
Happy shopping! – xoxo, TSF