We're Just A Shoe Company? Think Again!

We're a shoe company, why do we care so much about empowering women?
Well, let me tell you a little story. A little over 4 years ago, I had this crazy idea to start the Shoe Fairy. I was just a 23 year old with a big dream. I thought to myself, "Where do I even begin?" - and then I realized, I need to find the shoes I am going to sell first! 
After researching and considering a few different options, I made my first phone call. 
"How can I help you" - answered the man. I introduced myself and told him my needs. He then told me "since you do not have a brick and mortar store, we cannot work with you. We do not work with online-only stores". I knew this was not true. I knew he did not take me seriously because I was a young woman. I could tell by how condescendingly he spoke. 
I replied back and told him that was a shame because I was looking to place a large order (and explained how much $). It was then he took me seriously and suddenly switched the rules to be able to "make an exception". 
It was also then that I realized, being a female in business will come with added adversity, just from simply being a female. Good thing I love a challenge.I've experienced similar episodes since. Especially in person. This might sound controversial and I hate to say it but, some men just love to underestimate females in business, just by looks alone. 
As a company, we sell shoes and jewelry, but what our company is built upon is breaking down walls, being bold and chasing dreams! If someone tells me no, I move on and keep searching for the yes. If no one tells me yes, I create it myself. 
Building this business empowers the hell out of me. If I can transfer that energy to just a single person in a day, then I am successful. I want to share the empowerment I get from doing what I do with everyone else, who helps me do what I do. Together, by sharing this energy, we create a community that helps lift us up when we are down. A community that makes us all feel empowered together.