The 5 Posing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

There are many aspects to competing that seem challenging, from the meal prep dedication to the training, but aside from those another completely necessary task to practice and perfect yourself at is posing. Keep reading to find out the top mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to posing!

  1. Only posing in the mirror
    There is no mirror on stage. Simple as that. With a mirror, you’re completely reliant on your reflection. When you’re up on stage, there’s no mirror. You need to know the movements that you’re doing by heart instead of watching the movements in a mirror to feel confident about them. You want to make your practice as realistic as possible.
  2. Posing alone because you’re too shy
    It’s normal to be nervous before your show, but posing within a room is not beneficial to easing the butterflies you’re bound to get on the day of your competition. Posing with a partner, or a group, is beneficial in a few ways. First off, it makes the posing practice more realistic and cohesive with what competition day will feel like. Second, it allows you to receive feedback from someone other than yourself. The person posing with you, or observing you, can give you advice on what to improve upon that you may not have noticed yourself.
  3. Not video taping yourself
    This is the ideal way to practice without the mirror. You are still able to see your movements, poses and aura that you bring to the stage, but not immediately from your reflection. You can view it after the fact which gives you the ability to see areas you may need to critique in order to be stage ready.
  4. Not hiring a posing coach for your first show
    It’s easy to pass up the major financial investment that it takes to hire a posing coach, but this is a necessary part of competing, especially when it comes to your first show. Without a coach, you may not realize the small differences you can make with your walk, your poses and the overall personality that you bring to the stage. Small changes can go a long way, but without a coach you won’t realize them until it’s too late.
  5. Skimping out on heels
    The right heels make all the difference. Heels should be broken in, easy to strut in and comfortable on the feet. You should feel confident enough in your heels by the time you step on stage that you could practically run in them. Still feeling stuck? Reach out to us directly at any time for a response within 24-hours!