Supplements...Necessary or Nah?

When it comes to fitness & nutrition, there are always endless sources of new information – from sponsored athletes to educational blogs – that make you question whether your diet and routine is actually “right”. The number one source of confusion for many competitors is supplements. Should I be taking them? Are they useless? Will they really help gain muscle & burn fat? Or just make expensive pee? We asked YOU! And here’s what you had to say:

“Not necessary”

“BCAA’s are useful for helping sore muscles”

“Multi-vitamins and protein..a must!”

It was clear as the answers poured in that the big question about supplements is very specific to the individual. The most commonly used supplement is protein and multi-vitamins. Both of these are pretty tried & true. If you are unable to get the vitamins you need from sources such as vegetables, fruits and meat, then you’re better off supplementing with a vitamin to be sure that your energy and overall health stay at top notch. Additionally, we all know that reaching protein goals can be difficult some days and protein powder is a simple and quick way to meet those requirements, especially while on prep.

Many competitors also opt to incorporate greens, collagen, BCAA’s or creatine, but the studies done on these particular supplements have proven to have mixed results. When it comes to additional supplements, always do your research. Be sure to read scientific studies and don’t be scared to talk to a coach, doctor or nutritionist if you’re having a hard time understanding the evidence. There are tons of athletes who swear by BCAA’s for recovery and creatine for putting on muscle mass, but as previously stated, it’s most important to find what suits your style of eating, training and personal health the best.