SUIT TALK! Spot the Difference: Bikini - Wellness - Figure

Hello Beauties!
Our lovely friends at Toxic Angelz Bikinis  are here to discuss the differences between Bikini Competition suits, Wellness Competition suits and Figure Competition suits. 
We know the difference between the 3 physiques, but do you know the difference between the 3 different suits?? Each division suit is made to highlight specific body parts that the judges look for. Here's the breakdown:
Bikini Division
Competition bikinis have similar style and fit to the regular 2-piece beach bikinis, but are quite different as well! Aside from being fully stoned and having top/middle/bottom connectors, there are different top styles to choose from. Bottoms have different coverages depending on your body type and the federation that you decide to compete in. Bottoms should be chosen to highlight the roundness of glutes, as well as following the federation's guidelines. All suits have inserts on the inside to insert bra pads (optional).
Bikini Bottom Coverage
Wellness suits are also a 2-piece suit with the same top options as the bikini vision. The difference is in the bottoms, where the front is cut more in a V-shape and they need to be all pro cut coverage. Wellness bottoms can come in two different options: with or without connectors (as pictured). The connector option should be chosen to follow that of the federation's guidelines.
Wellness Suit Coverage
Figure suits are a completely different ballpark as it is more intricate. It's a 2-piece suit that connects the top and bottom by a crisscross connector. It's important to have the right measurements and the correct style figure suit to correctly fit the competitor comfortably. The figure bottoms are higher on the hips to highlight the competitors' quads. We offer different bottom coverages depending on the body type and the federation. The figure top can be a regular-styled top or it can be molded (meaning that it'll give it more of a bra-shaped look).
The designs to each suit are limitless! If you see a design on a bikini that you'd like on a figure suit, that can be done. We have gemstones for custom orders if you want to achieve a look with bigger stones. Every suit is made differently since each person's body is unique from their body type, weight, and height. If you need help figuring out what style and coverage work best for you, we provide one-on-one consultations for free!
Figure Suit Coverage
Toxic Angelz Bikinis uses only 100% Swarovski crystals on all of their competition suits. The crystals are all heat-pressed on every suit-- made to last longer.
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