Struggling with Motivation Deflation?

It’s summertime – the time of year when there are cook-outs every weekend, alcoholic seltzers & ice cold beers galore and the temptation of some sunny relaxation almost daily. It’s also the time of year when you want your bikini body to be on point, but motivation starts to stall. It’s easy to pass up the gym for a day by the pool, or give into those ice cold drinks & delicious cheeseburger enticements. How do you stay motivated during this time? Keep reading for some of our go-to tips!

Slacking at the gym? Join a bootcamp. Set a new PR goal (for weight or reps). Start a new routine – like yoga or kickboxing – and set a goal for yourself within that. It’s easy to let a gym routine go stale, but by spicing it up and constantly setting new obtainable goals for yourself, it keeps you motivated to push onward and stick to it.

Motivated, but still want to enjoy the weather? Take part of your work out outside! Stretch, do some bodyweight or band work, or even some group yoga while poolside! Cardio can be switched to an outdoor location easily. Run around your neighborhood using the MapMyRun app, or bike to your local Main Street and back. Many city locations have tons of stairs that you can challenge yourself on as well! You don’t have to let your routine stay bland – kick it up a notch and enjoy the summer sun while you’re at it!

Another great tip when it feels like your head isn’t in the game in the gym or like your routine is on repeat is to take a break. It might sound like the opposite of what you need, but chances are after 2 or 3 days off from the gym, you’ll be craving nothing more than to go crush a session and feel some soreness again!

Staying motivated with your diet is a bit more of a challenge throughout summer. With endless amounts of excuses to get together for parties, it’s easy to get side tracked. If you use an app like MyFitnessPal to track macros, try to pre-log your meal for the day. If you don’t know what to expect as for the menu, just take it easy and make knowledgable choices when building your plate. Love potatoes? Try the baked potato instead of the potato salad. Skip the ribs and opt for grilled chicken. Can’t skip out on the burger? A turkey burger with all the fixings and no bun is a great alternative! Try to drink tons of water and eat vegetable and protein portions before eating the rest. There’s a great way to balance prep-life and enjoying your summer!

Is everyone drinking everywhere you look? It’s not necessary to drink to have a great time, especially in summer, but if you must – alternate alcohol and water to stay hydrated and drink a little less. There are tons of “skinny” options on the market – from seltzers, to wines and pre-mixed margaritas. If these aren’t your go-to, opt for a simple vodka and seltzer water with extra lemon and lime for something refreshing and not too calorie (or sugar) heavy.

When it comes down to it,  you start to see that it isn’t always motivation – it’s drive. We’re human. Asking us to be motivated 100% of the time would be impossible. But when your motivation starts to dwindle, try to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and why you started. We believe in you!