Stage Ready from the BOTTOM up

Hey, ladies! Listen up!

Here at The Shoe Fairy we’re always here to help you pick the perfect shoe for your competition, but have you ever wondered what a well-renowned coach to the pros has to say?!

Kim Oddo, Owner of Body By O, is a respected member of the health & fitness industry with more than 25 years of experience and is noted as one of the top trainers and nutritionists in the world for competitive bodybuilding, especially with women bikini, fitness and figure athletes.

In a six-part video series available for ANY competitor, found directly on his Body By O’s YouTube, Coach Kim Oddo provides a detailed perspective based on his experience in tanning, posing, suit selection, hair style and make up, stage jewelry and contest heels.

In the “Coach Kim Oddo's Breaks Down Contest Heels For Bikini Competitors” video, he explains why the right contest heels are crucial to bikini competitors. 

He starts by saying, “It all starts from the bottom up...If you’re not comfortable it will throw off your physique.” This advice could not be any more true! If you are not comfortable walking in heels, we would not suggest trying a low platform, strapless mule for your show day. Opt for styles such as the Olympian Mule with a much higher plastic front strap for more support and a ¾” platform sole if you still love the look of a strapless style. However, your best bet would be to rock a strap- some styles would include the Olympian, Bella and Foxy.

He goes on to explain that not every stage is also a solid foundation. Some stages may have grooves and ridges and if you were to walk into one and not be secure in the shoe, your feet could step right out- obviously one of any competitors’ worst nightmares, so take that into consideration when choosing a style as well.

Additionally, our heels at The Shoe Fairy come in a wide range of platforms. Although you may think that any platform is fine if you can walk comfortably in them, you may be wrong- there’s actually some science to it! Kim explains that those with larger thighs should opt for a low platform heel to elongate the leg. Some styles would include Grace and Heavenly. Competitors with long, lean legs and a larger built upper body could try a style with a high platform to give their lower bodies that extra boost. A great example would be our Allure heels. But, regardless of shoe style, the most important factor is how well you can walk confidently and with ease across that stage. 

Lastly, although every girl loves their glitz and glamour, Kim recommends staying away from super flashy rhinestones as not to distract the judges from looking at what's most important- your physique. A style such as our Knockout heels are the perfect touch for just in between!

Ready to pick your perfect heel? Be sure to use the code “BODYBYO” for 10% off your order and you can always keep up with Kim Oddo’s Body By O YouTube for free advice, helpful tips and tricks to nail your competition day!

Xoxo, TSF