Spill the Tea, Sis

What girl DOESN’T love a little juicy gossip?! To switch things up, TSF had a little fun with 2 of the newest Sponsored Athletes from the 2021 TSF Angel Search - Trisha Green & Bianka Ross. The team at TSF as well as the viewers from the livestream had the opportunity to meet and learn about these 2 beautiful ladies during our Virtual Angel Search (which you can still watch here), but we wanted to get down & dirty with them a little more! 👀

On our Instagram story, we had opened up a question box for our followers to submit questions that they wanted to know about Trisha & Bianka! Some responses were juicy, real and raw. We then chose 6 to give them to answer in DETAIL for you in this blog!

So, sit back, relax, and sip your tea… because it’s time for GIRL TALK!


  1. What are your day jobs? How do you balance both?
  2. Show day deets: Heels: prefer strapless or straps? Fave suit color?
  3. What got you into competing and why are you in the bikini category?

Now it gets more fun...

  1. What's the "weirdest" thing you do? 
  2. Tell us your darkest prep memory/experience
  3. Any show day horror stories? Bad tan? Mean girls backstage? Tell us EVERYTHING!

First up...

Trisha Green

1. I am a certified personal trainer, online coach & posing coach. I do have plans to work in an office job a few days a week in the near future & manage both that as well as continuing to grow my coaching business. Prior to Covid, I only did personal training at a corporate gym & after all the shut downs, I had really got into my own groove of continuing to train clients on my own & offer coaching from all over! I realized that I do have the potential to continue doing what I love and also being able to offer clients so much more than what just comes from a "corporate gym". I am also thankful for seeing my potential in other areas even outside of fitness because that is something that is truly essential and kept me productive when Covid first started and that it is ok to dip your toes into multiple things when it feels right. I have always been someone who thrives off of routine, and balancing working, coaching, prepping and time for your loved ones is definitely a full time job inself, but I have always believed that whatever is important to you is worth all the highs and lows and just reminding myself what a privilege is it to even be able to prep, to be able to work, to be able to train clients and myself. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is worth the balance to me. 

2. The show day is seriously my favorite. I am not someone who gets glammed up or does makeup or anything day to day normally, so the full glam and sparkle and presentation we competitors get to bring to the stage is just so fun for me. I have always worn The Shoe Fairy heels since the beginning and I have always preferred heels with straps personally. The straps make me feel more supported, but I have worn strapless on the stage as well and can definitely be done after the amount of times spent practicing posing in them. For the suit color, I used to always just stick with darker blue or green suits as I assumed that is just what looked "best on brunettes" and with having the darker tan, but then I knew I have always wanted to wear red on the stage and once I put on my Angel Competition Bikini in the "Red Hologram Crystal Radiance", I don't know if I could ever not wear Red. It makes me feel so confident and powerful and that is how wearing your stage bikini should feel.

3. I got into competing because, like so many others, I truly just wanted to "Try it" and challenge my body like I have never before. For so long I looked up to competitors always thinking it was impossible for me to get to, but I am thankful I was raised to always believe that if you work hard enough for something you really want, you'll get there... and so i did, I fell in love with the entire journey, the process, the challenges and the friendships built around the sport of people encouraging one another and as soon as i stepped on the stage for the first time, I was hooked. I only wanted to keep going and keep improving myself in all areas of my life. My first prep coach also introduced me to my now forever best friend and we have cheered each other on in this sport ever since. I chose the bikini division because that was the physique I had personally followed on social media and became in awe of. I loved everything about the posing routines and knew that was the presentation and look I personally wanted to strive for myself.

4. The weirdest thing I do . . . hmmm . . . is it weird to add salt to oatmeal? I love the savory kick salt gives it and then cinnamon powder for the sweetness. I like mixing my sweet and salty hehe!

5. My darkest prep memory would have to be during my second prep ever. Being that I was a newbie and had just seen my body change so much through my first prep, I didn't think it was something that could go away so very quickly. I rebounded bad after my first show and was so depressed with myself and at the time had a coach who was going through a lot of their own personal things and I just felt lost. I jumped back into prep immediately because that is what i thought i needed to do to "get my body back" and because my hormones were not in a good place, my body was fighting me every step of the way and I would just have so many days I would just cry. I was not doing that prep for the right reasons and it showed. I truly love competing and love this sport for me because it makes me happy and makes me better in all areas of my life, not just physical. That is the biggest advice I have for individuals out there who want to compete is to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and something you want to grow in and do for yourself because you love it. If it is for any other reason, you will not enjoy the journey one bit and the journey is truly the best part we shouldn't ever take for granted.

6. Show day horror stories, oh boy! I feel like all competitors have had their fair share of tans gone wrong and dealing with not the nicest individuals sometimes. I remember at my second ever national show, there were a group of girls backstage who wouldn't talk to anyone who "wasn't on their team" and I could hear them just making fun of other girls backstage and that just broke my heart.  My own worst personal personal horror story that I truly learned from and know never to do again was from taking activated charcoal the morning of my show, hoping it would help me use the bathroom (all competitors know that show day is a struggle for that), and instead back fired on me and I spent a good long while on the toilet so uncomfortable while my poor friends and teammates tried to comfort me and I just couldn't move for a good while. Thankfully all was fine, but lesson learned forever HAHAHA! 

Bianka Ross:

1. My day job is my Online Coaching business, which makes my competing a lot easier. I used to have a different job a few years ago. It was a little more challenging with my show prep, but scheduling everything in advance made it possible. :)

2. I love both strapless and straps in heels! Last year I decided to go with strappy heels, because it made me feel more safe and stable on stage. Also, my favorite suit color is blue! I love all the bright tones of blue.

3. I have always admired bikini athletes and I honestly thought I could never be one of them. I have always loved to eat all the food and physical activity was not my favorite thing, however there came a day when I completely changed my mindset and decided to get ready for bikini competition, after my first competition, I realized that I fell in love with working on my body and living this lifestyle. Bikini physique has always been one of my goals. I love the muscle structure and lean shape of the bikini body.

4. The weirdest thing would be my meal combinations. When I am dieting for competition I usually experiment with foods and combine different kinds which don't always go together - but I enjoy that taste. Etc: chicken or fish and peanut butter, Avocado with stevia wrapped in egg thin or I mix riced cauliflower in everything!

5. I remember when I got my wisdom tooth removed 3 weeks before my competition. I had to have full anesthesia and I had gotten dry socket which made it impossible to eat my food for a week so I had to blend all my food (etc: chicken, rice and spinach smoothie). It was interesting, but I made it work and placed well at my competition!

6. I have messed up my tan very close to lining up, by sitting on a wet seat - which left a big white mark all over my thighs and glutes. (GROSS!) Also, once I was in rush to line up backstage and it was very packed there, as I was running by other bikini competitors who were sitting down I accidentally kicked a glass of water which was next to a competitor and messed up her tan - she was really mad and mean, I felt bad too, but it was an accident.