Self Care Isn't Just for Sunday

Self care is a completely vital part of your physical & mental wellness. Some may argue that it’s just as crucial to your fitness progress as gym time & nutrition. The term self care does not just mean aesthetic bath bombs and spa retreats, it can mean meditation or even getting enough sleep. At minimum, you should give yourself a single rest & recovery day per week where you do a little extra to pamper yourself. Although these days can be mentally tough when you’re in prep mode, you need to remember that they

are of upmost importance to the generation of muscle mass. Try to do your best to sit down and unwind instead of thinking of it as a “missed workout”. If you must, do some active recovery cardio on these days to keep your mind occupied.

One of our favorite forms of self care is a massage. Massages are a tactical approach to self care because not only does it alleviate stress, but it also does wonders for tight muscles & sore joints. Be sure to contact a massage therapist who specializes in sports massage as well. Other options are repairing those calloused hands and bruised feet with a manicure & pedicure, clearing out your pores with a hydrafacial and session in a float tank.

None of this in the budget? That’s okay, self care is still so do-able! Ulta & Sephora (even CVS) sell tons of great peel-off masks that are fun to use while soaking in a bath with a stress-relief bath bomb! No added expenses necessary. No time for a massage? Just use a foam roller once a week on targeted areas for a similar effect and release of tight, knotted muscles. Whatever you do, be sure to make time for YOU!