Q&A with TSF Sponsored Athlete Daraja Hill

Have you always wondered what it would be like to hear from an IFBB Pro Bikini athlete prepping for the largest show of the year- a.k.a. Olympia?!

Today we are asking TSF Sponsored Athlete, Daraja Hill, a few questions as she undergoes one of her most important preps!

A little background of Daraja - After 8 years of playing competitive tennis, she began her fitness journey in 2013. Working her way up from a NPC Bikini amateur to IFBB Professional, she launched her pro career by winning the overall at NPC North Americans in 2019, won her pro debut, and has now qualified to compete at the Olympia. With her experience as a bikini competitor combined with her formal education, she has transitioned from an athletic trainer to a full-time posing coach as her career!

Now for those questions…

  1. Q. How is this prep different from all of your other ones?
  1. It is different because I’m prepping to compete on the most prestigious stage in bodybuilding. I am prepping to fulfill a dream of mine that’s not becoming a reality, and putting me one step closer to achieving another dream of mine, earning the title of Ms Bikini Olympia.

  1. Q.  Has this always been a goal of yours?
  1. Yes. When I pursue something, I want to pursue it to the highest level and achieve the highest level of excellence.

  1. Q. Do you have any nerves?
  1. OF COURSE I HAVE NERVES! I don’t typically outwardly express my emotions, so I feel like I come off pretty calm, collected, and positive most of the time. But I tend to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to “succeed”. I tend to hold myself to a higher standard than I hold others, which is something I’m working on. But I’ve learned to channel that “nervous” energy to excitement. I use it to help me perform on stage with this light, this radiance…that I feel helps set me apart from other competitors.

  1. Q.  Any tips for anyone who has the same goal to step on the Olympia stage?
  1. Remember your WHY. When pursuing any goal with such passion, it’s important to establish boundaries and remain true to yourself. It’s easy to lose perspective and become consumed with pursuing the things you WANT in life, but don’t let it be at the cost of your relationships, your life, and your other goals and aspirations. I could go on and on about this topic, but I will leave it at that for now.

  1. Q. A lot of women look up to you..Are there any bikini athletes that inspire you or that you look up to?
  1. I’ve had the same answer every time I’ve been asked this question, and it remains the same to this day. Angelica Teixiera has always been someone I have looked up as a competitor, an ambassador of the bikini division and the sport of bodybuilding. As I hope to be Ms Bikini Olympia one day, I feel I have big shoes to fil, but I am up for the task. She’s incredibly genuine and hardworking, respectable, and a humble champion.

  1. Q. What shoes do you plan to step on stage with?
  1. I feel like I have to go with the ICONIC Olympians! I’m making some changes to my package this year, and with the energy and vibe I’m trying to channel, the Iconic Olympians fit that mood.

  1. Q. What does “iconic” mean to you?
  1. To me, Iconic means I’ve succeeded in leaving behind a legacy. It means I have succeeded in achieving my goals in such a way that leaves a mark on this world that helps inspire generations to come to aspire to achieve great things.

You can follow along with Daraja’s prep and fitness journey, as well as her personal life on Instagram @darajahillfit!

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Good luck, Daraja!