Positive Vibes for EveryBODY

Body positivity is something that has had a lot of light shed on it over social media in the past few years. It’s all about accepting your body as it is – whether that be height, weight, scars or imperfections. It’s easier said than done. Our bodies are not cookie cutter pieces that are suited to perfection. We are individuals. No body, no face, no personality is exactly the same.

But you must also realize, no individual’s perception of beauty is exactly the same. When it comes to body positivity, it’s incredibly important that you realize it’s all about how YOU feel about yourself – not what others may think or say. If you were reliant on other’s to build up a positive mind set about your body, it would be nearly impossible. It would be like trying to make every person in the world have the same favorite ice cream flavor. If everyone’s favorite flavor was mint chocolate chip – what would be the point of the other flavors? It would be kind of repetitive and boring. Needless to say, it would be impossible. Plus, it’s fun when people switch it up and say, “Mint chocolate chip? No way! I need vanilla!” Accepting that everyone has different preferences is one of the first steps to building confidence. Don’t let the perception of others be a gauge on how you feel about yourself.

Building confidence and body positivity is difficult to do. It takes time. It takes hard work. It’s important to realize that a number on a scale, a tag on an item of clothing or even scars on your body, make no difference in the person that you are. They are also most definitely not representative of the strength of your body and all of it’s capabilities. Did you wake up and take a breath today? Then your body is amazing. Cherish it for all it’s worth. You may not be as strong or as skinny as some people, or even how you one day wish to be, but you are still perfect.

Each person that walks the Earth has imperfections. Every damn one of them. The model who struts down the Victoria’s Secret runway or the actress you admire and view as “perfect”? Guaranteed that they have imperfections as well. We may not see them, but they most likely have one or two things that they wish they could change about themselves. We all do. It’s human.

One of the key ways to start building positivity about your own body is to start by being grateful for what it can do. You have skills and attributes that are unique. You have a mind set to get stronger, or make personal improvements. When you start gauging your body on what it can do instead of what it can’t, or what you don’t have, building confidence gets infinitely easier. Maybe you can only run 3 miles in 30-minutes, but when you started it took you 45-minutes. You’re gaining endurance. Started off lifting 5-lb. dumbbells for curls and now you’re up to 15-lbs.? Gaining strength. Be grateful for the ability to improve, for the mindset that you have that allows you to push yourself to be better. Rely on this instead of a number on a scale, or a pant size. And finally, never, EVER be ashamed to be YOU.