Our Interview with a First-Time Competitor!

Just like we are “FOR the competitor, BY the competitor”, we like to share content “BY you, FOR you” because although bodybuilding can feel like a lonely sport - it doesn’t have to be! We are all here for each other and that is what the #PinkBoxSquad is all about! 💗

A few weeks ago we had posted on our Instagram story for a first-time competitor to share their journey to the stage and how TSF has been a part of it.

Meet: Kimberly Turley!

“I started working with Team Elite Physique on December 1st. It started out as a… ‘I want to do a show, BUT let's see how my body responds before picking one.’ I honestly had no idea how long it would take to get ready, and I didn't want to pick a show that comes too soon and feel like I failed. So I didn't actually pick a show until January. We were training like a prep, but with a date now… [my coach] Josh knew how to ramp it up to get me ready. When I finally posted I picked a show on Instagram, I was 15 weeks out.

My coach is Josh Ford. An IFBB Pro coach from the team. He's awesome! He is so approachable. Always available. He knows what he's doing. I literally don't have to think about anything, just follow his plan, and my body morphed into a bikini body. I trust him completely. I am so glad they matched me with him. When I told him a date and show, he took the reins and ran with it. He shows me how much he cares that I'm ready. It's like it's his show too!

I'm following a meal plan. I didn't think I'd like a meal plan as much as I do! It really simplifies prep, and I really like my food.

My cardio has slowly increased throughout this prep. I started as low as 15 mins, 3 times a week doing steady state. Then, it went to HIIT for a while. Currently, I'm doing steady state on the stairs 35 mins a day, 6 days a week, with a glute contraction focus. 

I'm doing Atlantic States Championships with Bev Francis on June 5th in Teaneck NJ. I will be competing in the bikini class. 

I have the Olympians for show day, and they are fantastic. So well made and stunning! Honestly, they are so comfortable! I hardly wear heels ever, but my feet never hurt wearing them. Definitely a must purchase to make show day that much more comfortable! I also have my jewelry from Shoe Fairy, and they are perfect. So gorgeous. I plan on buying a pair of slides too before the show!

The easiest part of prep has been simply enjoying it! I honestly can say, I've been having a blast. I am seriously enjoying this process and the rewards!  It is hands down the best thing I've done FOR MYSELF! They say bodybuilding is a selfish sport, well...it feels good to be selfish sometimes! However, the hardest part was in the middle. In the beginning you notice changes very quickly. Then it slows down. Changes are happening, but they're just not as obvious. It feels frustrating because you're working so hard. But I said it before and I'll say it again, it all comes together like MAGIC. The saying trust the process is a saying because it's true. Just like stop, drop and roll if you're on fire! They say it because it works! So seriously, trust the process.

Advice I'd give someone looking to start is believe in yourself. Bet on yourself and put the money on you! If you have negative thoughts, lock them away and not your dreams! We can't turn the clock back, but we can make the most of the time ahead!  Work hard and be patient. It's alllll worth it in the end." ❤️

You can follow along with Kimberly on Instagram - @kimba_turls!