Is Plastic Surgery Necessary for Competing?

Confessions of a competitor…

It’s not uncommon in the world of competing that us ladies want to look and feel our best- especially on show day. Yes, of course we’re talking about a gorgeous suit, stunning heels, icy jewelry and bomb hair, makeup and tan to compliment our physiques we’ve worked so hard for!

But, what about the things we can’t control?

Plastic surgery in the fitness industry isn’t totally taboo, but is it really “necessary” to give you a boost amongst your competition?


If you’ve read our previous blog, “What Do the Judges Look For?”, then you know that your placing is based on a myriad of factors. Some of which include overall presentation and symmetry- especially in the “Bikini” category. With that, you have a choice- you can use padding, filling, or push-up suit tops to give you the curvy, balanced physique to match your glutes, or you can undergo plastic surgery to balance out your frame.

Quite a bit of the female breast is fat, so when involved in extreme exercise that requires one to lose fat to show the muscle beneath, a woman can also lose quite a bit of size in her breasts. When cutting for a show, this is a given so adding a little “boost” can absolutely help your physique, but like most things, too much of a good thing could also be a bad thing so you need to level out your pros and cons wisely! 

Many notable female bodybuilders have been vocal about breast implants helping them not only achieve “balance,” but that they make them feel better about themselves when competing. 

We even opened up this conversation to you ladies on our Instagram and a lot of you had said the same response of feeling more confident on stage and not having to worry if your stuffing is popping out or noticeable in your suit. 

From an ethical point-of-view, most women aren't so lucky as to body build and keep a full cup, so breast implants should be an acceptable choice if they choose in favor of the surgery. For female bodybuilders who compete based on muscularity, breast implants would take away from the integrity of the pectoral muscle being judged on, so in most cases would not be an option for them at all. Since plastic surgery implants are inside of you and not simply added to a suit, if they are put beneath the muscle (which hides the implant more) it may limit the intensity of chest exercises you can do which can hinder your performance in the gym if you are serious about the sport long term!

Yes, plastic surgery is totally normal and common in the bodybuilding industry, but it’s your body, hence your personal choice to do what best suits you! In the end, this sport is about being the best version of yourself- whatever that may look like!