Interning with TSF

Written by: Michelle Jones (IG: @michelleemilyy)

It’s pretty crazy how the cookie crumbles and one friendship leads to another, which is how my internship with TSF sparked. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I obtained my cosmetology license and used that skill to work and pay my tuition. In the recent years, I began to take more and more interest in the fitness industry and also obtained my group fitness certification. In April of 2018 a friend of mine was competing in an NPC Bodybuilding Competition and needed a hair stylist last minute, and I agreed to be there and help. At the competition is where I met Emily, TSF Office Manager, and we clicked immediately and proceeded to follow each other on social media. Come this summer I was on track to take my last two graduate classes and complete the program, and the one thing I was lacking on my resume was an internship. Emily posted on her story in May that TSF was looking for an intern, and I responded right away that I was interested. I had nothing to lose, I had no internships lined up for summer, and I had a passion for the fitness and competition industry, so I went for it. After speaking with Alexa, I scheduled the interview on my birthday and it was the best birthday gift I could have asked for. I was now part of a team that empowered other women to work hard and never quit on their goals. Another reason I knew this was the internship for me, was because we were a small team, and my voice was going to be heard. I learned so much from Alexa and Emily not only on the customer service and marketing side but about myself and what type of environment I want to pursue in my future. My time with TSF was nothing short of the best internship I could have asked for.