How to Slay On Show Day

It’s bikini competition season, and you’re going to be killing yourself in the gym twice a day, six days a week for the next 12 to 15 weeks, for your upcoming bodybuilding competition. You’re working on your bikini posing routine in your competition heels, trying to make your stage presence for your upcoming bikini competition the best that it’s ever been. If you’ve ever competed in a bodybuilding competition before, you know that walking in competition heels is no easy feat, and can make or break any bikini posing routine – which is why you’ll be spending almost as much time as you do working out in the gym, perfecting your routine in your clear heels.

As the bodybuilding competition show day quickly approaches, you’ll want to make sure that you are fully prepared from head to toe, and that you’re ready to absolutely slay that bikini contest.

In an effort to make sure you are fully prepared for your fitness competition and competition posing routine, we’ve created a short list of must-haves and must-do’s for show day:

  1. Your competition posing routine and stage presence plays an extremely large role in how well you place in your fitness competition. Don’t let all of the hard work you’ve been putting in for weeks go to waste and remember that in this case, practice makes perfect! It’s very important that walking in competition heels comes naturally to you, and that you move across the stage and through your transition poses with grace and ease. If competition shoes are new to you, we recommend checking out our Fantasy heels, a gorgeous pair clear heels that have a strap and will make you feel more in control on stage.
  2. Your competition shoes and posing aren’t the only things that need to be stellar on show day! The choice of your competition bikini & jewelry is just as important, and needs to look as though they were made just for you. Unlike a regular bathing suit, when choosing a competition suit, it’s important that you don’t pick a suit simply because you like the way it looks. When choosing your competition suit, it’s important that you choose a color and style that compliments your features as well as your hair/skin tones in the best way possible. Picking out a suit and jewelry that look well together can be tricky business, so head over to our Instagram (@theshoefairy_) to get a few ideas of what might work well for you come competition day.
  3. On the actual competition day itself, preparation and planning are your best friends. If you’ve never competed before you’ll find that being backstage can be a very long, chaotic and nerve racking process. To make things less stressful and overwhelming for you, make sure that you come as prepared as possible. Having a tote bag that includes all of your tanning essentials, competition shoes, jewelry, food and competition suit in one place is a sure way to keep things organized and all in one place. Some other items we recommend having on hand are: headphones (waiting backstage can be a long, boring process at times), a mirror, a robe and even a folding chair (sitting areas can be limited backstage).

Preparing for and competing in a bodybuilding competition is a long process, filled with tons of hard work and dedication. Make sure that you are having just as much fun as you are putting in hard work, and truly enjoying the process every step of the way. If you follow our three tips above, not only will you be bringing your best physique and talent to competition show day, but the road to getting there will be so much more enjoyable – and easier – you’ll be sure to slay on show day!