How To: Cleaning Your Olympian Heels

The Olympian heels were designed to eliminate a handful of problems that competitors faced with other heels. Comfort was first in mind, but The Shoe Fairy also wanted to overcome the problem of the notorious spray tan staining & ruining competition shoes. When you step into other clear heels with your show day tan, you ultimately ruin the sole of the shoe with a deep bronze stain that is irremovable for competitions to follow. With the Olympian, that is no longer an issue! The sole was designed not only for a comfortable fit, but for an easy clean. If you keep up with regular cleaning, there should be no issues with long-lasting stains that ruin your favorite heels. 

Ready to clean your heels? Grab a wash cloth and dampen with warm water. Add a bit of unscented dish soap and lather. Then begin scrubbing the sole of your Olympian heel. You should instantly see the dirt, grime and tan residue being removed. Rinse your wash cloth and repeat as necessary until clean. Then dry with a paper towel. If this process is kept up with on a regular basis, the footbed of your heel should stay clean!