How To: Bling Your Heels

Tools Required: E6000 glue, Glue Syringe, Wax Pick


Stones: We recommend “Swarovski Elements” Crystals

You can choose between Clear or AB

*FLAT BACK, NON HOTFIX – This means they will be flat on one end which is where you will stick them to the glue. Hot-Fix crystals are used for clothing and other materials, not for shoes so be sure to select “non hotfix”.

Crystal Sizes: The most common sizes used for posing heels are ss9, ss12, ss16. The most standard is ss12. However, depending on the design that you are going for, you may need all 3 sizes or even just 2.


What to do: Fill syringe with e6000 glue.

Have crystals laid out (flat back down) and separated by size. Dot a small amount of glue in the desired location and use wax pick to pick up the crystal and place it.

The glue is very strong! It smells strong as well so try not to inhale it. It does not instantly dry so if you make a mistake, remove the crystal and wipe away the glue. You can use alcohol or nail polish remover to remove residue. Once the glue is dry, you can also remove residue just by picking it of with your nail.

Once stones are perfectly placed, allow plenty of time for the glue to harden and for the stones to settle.

It can be messy! So make sure to be very careful with glue placement. More times than not, you end up needing more crystals than you originally thought! They can be very pricey so plan accordingly.