How to Be a Good Backstage Neighbor

So maybe this is your first show, or maybe you’ve done quite a few...but regardless, it’s crucial to have proper “etiquette” backstage at your show. Not everyone may be as friendly as you are, and some people are simply just in their own zone and that’s perfectly okay!

We’re here to give you a few tips and pointers to have your best show day yet. Here’s some ways how you can be a good “backstage neighbor” (as we like to call them).

1. Come ready

Typically there is always plenty of time backstage to freshen up your tan, finish your makeup, touch up your hair, etc., but backstage can get a little hectic between the classes being called, pump ups and coaches with their clients, so a good idea may be to come ready in advance so backstage can be a breeze and you can focus on being in the moment. Being frazzled and pushing others out of the way to complete getting ready wouldn’t make anyone too happy!

2. Be early

On the same note, being early for the athlete check in and meeting is KEY! Sometimes check ins may not be the smoothest due to weigh ins, people paying their organization fees or additional classes the day of the if you know you are ready to go with all of those details, being early for the actual check in and meeting will make you (and your neighbors) a lot less stressed! It simply helps the show day go smoother for everyone.

3. Wait to put on your heels

Obviously you’ll want to run through your posing routine plenty of times before you hit the stage no matter how much you practiced, but if you’re a girl who might not be the best at walking in heels to begin with, waiting to put them on might be your best bet! You don’t want to have your feet cramp up before the stage and you certainly don’t want to be whining to your neighbors about it either! We suggest wearing comfy slides backstage, and transporting your heels safely in our Backstage Bag for you to wear closer to showtime. Especially since the women's divisions come on later (with the Bikini division typically always last), you’ll have plenty of time to sit back and relax before it’s time to slip them on!

4. Stay covered up

We know you worked SO hard for your great physique, but don’t walk around half naked. It’s super unprofessional to walk around the venue (especially in the public areas) in next to nothing. We suggest getting your spray tan done and wearing the silky “Cozy Queen” shirt while you get ready and wait backstage. By not covering up, you will appear showy, as well as risk getting your tan on people and things. It’s important to be respectful of the facility holding the show as well as those around you who do not want their own tans messed up by you bumping or touching them. The spray tans can get super messy, so when you are backstage and not covered up, be careful. Wipe off toilet seats, lay towels on the floor where you will sit down and be sure to clean up around you.

5. Wait your turn

Last, but certainly not least, don’t be in others’ ways who come before you. Don’t think you need to “pump up” 1-2 hours before your class will even be called. Yield to those who are competing ahead of you, and if the situation allows it, offer help to those competitors. You never know, you may need them to help you once it’s your turn to scramble toward the stage.

Now go out there and be the best “backstage neighbor” you possibly can!