How Do I Become A TSF & Toxic Angelz Athlete?

What athlete doesn’t dream of being sponsored by their favorite companies?! But, how exactly does one get to that position? Check out our exclusive interview guest written by Toxic Angelz’ Marketing Manager, Mary, with both Toxic Angelz and TSF Sponsored Athlete, Maya Astabie. She goes into detail about both sponsorships she attained in her fitness journey and how YOU can also become one! Shoot for the moon and you’ll land amongst the stars 🌟✨

1. Before becoming a Toxic Angelz x TSF Sponsored Athlete, have you purchased their products to use?

Yes, before becoming a Toxic Angelz x TSF Sponsored Athlete, I purchased multiple items. FUN FACT: I actually have never worn any other posing or competition suit besides Toxic, and I have never worn any other stage jewels or heels besides TSF. From the first time I learned to pose in my living room, to stepping on the O stage, I was rocking Toxic and TSF!

2. How long were you a customer before you became a client for both companies?

I was a customer for both companies since mid-2018. I was signed as a Toxic Angelz ambassador earning my IFBB pro card in 2019, and officially signed as a Toxic Angelz athlete a year later after I placed 4th at the IFBB Wasatch Warrior Pro Bikini show in 2020. I was invited to be a TSF sponsored athlete after the 2020 Shoe Fairy Angel search in early 2020.  

3. How did the company reach out to you to become an athlete? Did you reach out?

When I was asked to be a Toxic Angelz ambassador, then a Toxic Angelz athlete, I received a formal email with an ambassador/athlete contract from Mary. I had already built a strong relationship with the Toxic team so it felt very natural!  When I was asked to be a TSF athlete, it was the same deal. However, I had applied to be a TSF Angel during the TSF Angel Search in 2019 and I made it to the final round! I made it past the written application and video submission rounds, and (I believe!) made it to the top 15 finalists. I did not get offered a contract that year, but my passion for the company and our bodybuilding community caught Alexa (TSF CEO’S) attention and our relationship grew from there. I was so honored and surprised and awarded an official TSF Angel/athlete contract in 2020! The TSF team felt that I authentically supported the brand YEAR-ROUND, and said that they would be more than happy to have me represent the company in an official capacity *cue the happy tears*!

4. Were there different tiers of sponsorship within the company?

Yes, I was an ambassador for Toxic Angelz for a full year as a pro before I was promoted to a sponsored athlete. TSF now has an ambassador program, but they didn’t until recently, so I was only a customer and then became a sponsored athlete. Basically, I worked my way up!

5. Do you fit in with the companies' culture?

I fit in with Toxic Angelz and TSF cultures’ so naturally! Both companies were started by women (shoutout to Margaret and Alexa!) who had a dream to build something of their own AND have a positive impact on our community. they have done what they set out to do and so much more! As both companies have grown, more women join the tribe with the same mission in mind. Like the women who started and are a part of each brand, I choose to work hard day in and day out to make my dreams a reality, I strive to have a positive impact on my community empowering ALL women to step into their power and OWN their unique and beautiful magic. Like these brands, I believe in the power of community, that hard work pays off, and that when we lift others, we ALL RISE.

6. Why do you think you are a great fit to represent Toxic Angelz x TSF?

I am a perfect fit to represent Toxic Angelz and TSF because my values align with each brands’ values and mission. I am passionate about this sport, the bodybuilding community, and helping others. I am honest, relatable, hard-working and I will never stop working to be my best self for me and for others. I want to be a role model for those who have ever doubted themselves. I was not born with amazing genetics. I have been overweight. I have been a cardio bunny with no muscle. I have battled with disordered eating, body dysmorphia and low self-esteem. Why am I saying all this? Simply to show you and others that I have been there. I UNDERSTAND you. I SEE you. I have and we all can still CHOOSE TO RISE. We can all keep growing and improving. And the best way to do that is to grow and improve is to do it TOGETHER. I believe so strongly in the power of community and one of my favorite quotes is “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER”. This rings true here because when we invest in and enrich our community, we all shine, we all rise, and we keep growing. I am honored to represent Toxic Angelz and TSF because I have concrete evidence that they align with my values. Just take a look at the STRONG tribe of women that they each have attracted, and it’s clear to see that they believe in the power of community as well. Speak with either CEO and any of the team members, or simply look at their success and it’s clear to see they believe in hard work. I am a great fit to represent Toxic Angelz x TSF because I align with each brand’s culture, values and mission NATURALLY.

7. What is your message to other athletes looking to represent Toxic Angelz x TSF?

Representing these brands is an honor and a dream come true for me. It is not about “free sparkly suits, jewels and heels”. It is about being a role model, creating value in our community and showing others what’s possible. That said, just like earning a pro card, dreams do not come true overnight. The process to becoming a sponsored athlete is EARNED. The longer it takes to earn something, the more significance it will have once you receive it. Start by showing up as your most authentic self (on social media and IRL) and invest in and build strong relationships with brands you align with. Apply for opportunities as they arise within your favorite brands. The rest will happen naturally because “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

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