From Pro to Pregnancy

Competing is a lifelong journey, but the journey can take some new & exciting turns along the way!

We've watched #PinkBoxSquad Athlete IFBB Pro, Jessie Palmer, grow with us and transition from the stage to motherhood and it has been nothing short of inspiring and absolutely incredible! Not many competitors go pro, let alone undergo a healthy pregnancy after the maybe 'not-so-healthy' competing world, and this is something our industry does not frequently speak about!

We had the exciting opportunity to ask Jessie a few questions and see some adorable pics of her growing fam!

Read along to not only feel inspired, but to get a closer look at how you can balance being both a pro athlete and an incredible mother!

  1. Did you have a hard time getting pregnant? Obviously when you compete you are extremely lean and your hormones will be impacted. Was this a challenge for you?

Yes and no. So, I ended my competitive career at the Olympia in September 2019. We began trying to conceive in January. My menstrual cycle returned shortly after I wrapped up competing, but I wasn't having a normal ~28 day cycle. Being that my cycles were irregular, we didn’t want to waste too much time so we met with a fertility doctor to run some testing. Due to my irregular cycles, my ovulation was hard to predict. We went to see the fertility doctor in March and began by using Clomid in April, and then again in May. May was our month! 

  1. How was it MENTALLY to watch your body go through changes physically?

The first trimester was so tough! You just feel “icky”. At least I did. Nauseous all day, puffy/swollen, the foods I was used to eating sounded disgusting..low energy, emotional. Your clothes start to not fit. And even though you're pregnant the beautiful BUMP doesn’t come until much later. No one knew I was pregnant other than us, so you have to hide all of those “symptoms”. We waited to tell family and close friends, until I made it to the second trimester. 

Once we announced we were pregnant and my baby bump popped in the second trimester, I was so excited and felt beautiful! The ability to be pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy was something I celebrated. I loved rocking my baby bump!! 

  1. Did you face body issues watching your physique change?

Not really! Especially once I was into the second trimester. The female body is incredible. Going through a pregnancy, the labor/delivery, and postpartum is just all very interesting. It definitely has its ups & downs. ;)

  1. Was staying active a challenge WHILE you were pregnant?

Only during the first trimester. You are just tired, bloated, and do not feel like yourself. Second trimester was the sweet spot, but I really enjoyed the third trimester as well. That baby bump was poppin’! 

  1. How have you now been adjusting now that you're a working, active & fit mom? 

Luckily, I have been on maternity leave from my work as a dental hygienist. I will be returning to work at 11 weeks postpartum. However, I have still been coaching through Fitbody Fusion. I am blessed that I am able to do my coaching work from home and have flexible hours. But even getting that work done has been a challenge some days; I make it happen because I love my FBF ladies. My clients have all been very supportive and loving through my pregnancy and journey as a new momma! I appreciate my clients so very much!


Now, getting work outs in..that’s a challenge. I try to get my workouts in when she naps or after she goes to bed at night time. If my husband is in town or someone is over to help out - then I pop downstairs and get a work out in. Thankfully we have a gym set up in our basement. Other than that, I try to get outside and walk around our neighborhood whenever the weather permits! Mama loves going on walks! 

  1. How is balancing life different now?

The majority of my time goes to caring for Maya. Along with taking care of our two dogs and the house. My husband is currently preparing for his next fight, April 23rd, which has required him to be away for a lot of the last 8 weeks. But we are making it work! The single parent life is no joke! However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Being Maya’s mom is an absolute blessing!

(P.S. - How cute are these pics!!!)

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