Feminism in the Fitness Industry


Besides personal empowerment, competing allows you to empower others. It offers a platform to encourage others to be healthier, strive for their goals and to never give up even when faced with challenges. Bikini athletes become role models to their peers and followers. They become a source of knowledge and enlightenment for those who may have been misinformed of the industry, or even to those who simply admire the lifestyle. Remember, you were inspired to begin competing by someone, maybe one day you’ll be the reason someone takes the step onto that stage.


Inspiration comes from so many sources – the athletes, the coaches, the support system and even the glam squad. These pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly to create an environment where empowerment on all fronts is nearly impossible to miss!


The fitness industry is more than inspiration, it is a community. When on prep, loneliness can be a huge factor. Your lifelong friends, family and even your spouse, can struggle with understanding your motives and the sacrifices you must make in order to obtain your goal up on that stage. So what do we do? We turn to social media. Together, we have all played a part in turning likes and follows into a close-knit community. This community supports and encourages one another, both on and off prep.


So, in honor of International Women’s Day, take a moment to remember why you started, who inspired you and how you will inspire other women. Support each other always. We got your back (and your feet!)