Coming in 2020... IFBB & NPC Wellness Division

2020 is set to bring a world of opportunity to the competition world. IFBB Pro League President, Jim Manion, recently announced that in the upcoming year the 9th male division and 5th female division will be introduced. The Wellness division will be available in both IFBB and NPC. After much thought, this new division has been added, especially due to the increased demand and interest internationally.

You may be wondering what the physique and posing standards will be in the new division. The generalized look that one should be seeking to obtain would be a natural bodybuilder with more mass in the hips and glutes, with a less defined upper body when compared to bikini. This division will be ideal for women who love to work out and do cardio, but are less interested in specific muscle separation. For specific details on posing, attire and physique details, continue reading here

There have been many opinions plastered on fitness blogs since the announcement of the new division. Some think that it will allow competitors to be too lenient about their physique and that only the striated, lean and perfectly proportionate should continue to be rewarded. Others think it's a great step in the right direction - achieving more maintainable goals while also breaking up the jam-packed bikini division where naturally bigger built women may not have the opportunity to shine. What is your opinion on the Wellness division? Will you be making the switch in the 2020 competition year?