Bikini Posing 101

Written By Posing Coach: Mary Tran (IG: @maryish)

Your stage presence can come from everything from your walk to your makeup. Most importantly, it’s how you are showcasing your personality in your posing routine. You’re on that stage to represent yourself and all the hard work you’ve put into prepping, don’t try to be somebody else that you’re not.

When practicing your posing, you don’t necessarily have to “look sexy.” You look how you want to look, but with poise and confidence. Not every competitor that steps on stage will be a girly-girl or someone with natural sass. Some competitors are tomboy-ish and some are uncomfortable with flipping their hair or simply just shrugging their shoulders. Find what works for you and work it.

I always get to know my posing clients and figure out what their personality is like and how we can showcase their personality on stage so that they’re comfortable being themselves. Judges can smell confidence or fear from miles away, so you need to make sure that you are practicing your posing from your walk, to your posing routine, to your smile. Your facial expressions can make it or break it for you on that stage. You want to present a presence that the judges will love, a presence that will brighten up the room when you walk in. Confidence radiates and the best way is to have an eye for detail with your posing and plenty of practice.

An eye for details can be little things like hair or arm transitions, each movement, each step, jewelry that matches your personality, or the correct platform in your heels that you are comfortable posing with. The key to it all is just to be yourself and pay attention to the details. Everything will come together to make it picture perfect as long as you put in the efforts!

For additional posing information, watch our Angel, Jasmine Fernandez below as she explains step by step how to pose on the NPC stage!