A Goal Without A (Financial) Plan is Just A Dream

Competing is more than mental and physical dedication, it also requires financial dedication. Those looking to get into competing need to realize that there are many monetary investments that will need to take place before being able to call yourself a competitor.

    6 Months Out

Decide what federation you want to compete in.
We’ve found that NPC is the most popular federation, but it is important to double check pricing and rules for the federation you choose as they all have different requirements. For NPC, you need to take into account the membership fee, in addition to a fee for each class you register for.
Membership Fee: $100
Class Fees: $50-100 each (Teen, Master, Novice, Open, etc.) You can register for multiple classes but it is not necessary.

Attend a show.
Know what you’re getting yourself into by attending a show as an audience member. This will give a general idea of what to expect when the day comes and if you think you can handle it.
Tickets: $30

Research your coaches.
Some competitors opt for a trainer, posing coach and meal coach, while others search for one person who can do it all. Of course, price is reflected by this. Regardless, a coach is necessary, especially if it’s your first show. Remember, you want someone who is experienced personally in your specific federation in order to keep goals and routines in line with your own.
Nutrition & Fitness Coach: Upwards of $1000 for standard 12-week prep
Posing Coach: $75-150 per session (this can be in person or Skype)

    4 Months Out

Invest in a bikini.
A bikini is a crucial investment in your competition prep. You have to evaluate the cut, color and overall look you’re trying to achieve on-stage. Remember, the color may look amazing with your current skin tone, but try to envision what it will look like with stage tan on as well. Also, review images of suits being worn back stage, on stage and during posing sessions to get an idea of the different looks the color can take on. You also have the option to opt for a posing bikini, which is a simpler bikini, usually lacking “bling”, for wear during posing practice. This is not a necessity, but highly recommended. Reminder when ordering: You can opt for rush order options but it’s best to have your bikini to practice in ahead of time.
Stage Bikini: $300-600 at Toxic Angelz Bikinis
Posing Bikini: $150-200

Invest in heels.

Heels are an additional investment that are a must. In order to step on stage, you are required to be wearing heels. They can have a clear bottom or be blinged out, be strappy or strapless, the options are endless. 
Heels: $50-115

    2-3 Months Out

Start prepping.
This is where the real investment begins, the investment in yourself. Every minute at the gym and morsel eaten begins to matter. Everything you’ve stayed dedicated for will show when you step on that stage. Although this time doesn’t come to mind as a financial investment, it really is because you will either be subscribing to a meal prep company, like Eat Clean Bro, or you will need to be buying fresh produce, chicken and seafood weekly in order to stay on track for your diet.
Meal Prep Service: $8 x meal
Personal Meal Prep: $150 x week

Buy additional backstage & on-stage necessities.
Aside from jewelry, these may not be completely necessary, but they are highly recommended. Everything from slides to robe are ideal for keeping your tan fresh and streak free. You can see what your final look will come down to when you add on jewelry as well.
Jewelry: $75-100
Robe: $25
Slides: $25

    1 Month Out

Book show day appointments.

The majority of competitors opt for booking beauty appointments instead of choosing a DIY alternative. The reasoning behind this is because beauty professionals, a.k.a. The Glam Squad, are people who have prepped girls for show day on many other occasions and could not only make sure you look stage-ready, but could also share helpful advice for looking your absolute best.
Tan: $75
Hair: $100
Make-up: $100