A Complete Run Through of Show Day

Is this your first time competing? Are you wondering how show day is going to go? Maybe you have NO idea what you truly signed up for...but hey, that’s okay! That’s where we come in ;)

Here at The Shoe Fairy, we cater to all levels of competitors - from newbies to pros, and everyone in between. Sometimes starting out can seem super scary, but show day can actually be a breeze and a LOT of fun!

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But, after all of the small details are squared away, it’s time to just ENJOY your big day! Competing is obviously a sport, but it should also be fun. Once you’ve completed your prep, ate all of your meals, hit all of your workouts, and practiced your posing to perfection, there’s not much else to it but to do it!

When show day begins, it almost always follows a similar set up, but could vary depending on which organization or federation you use. Typically, the day will begin with a morning (8:00 am or so) athlete check-in. Here, they will give you a number that you will wear on stage. They may also take your height or weight during this time. Then, around 30 mins later they will do an athlete meeting where you will hear the schedule for the day. Typically, bikini athletes always go last. Shows will usually start with the male divisions as well as women’s bodybuilding and physique and later transition into the wellness, figure, and bikini categories towards the end.

Once they’ve completed the meeting, you are free to wait, stretch, maybe do tan touch ups from the tanning company the show uses, put on your makeup, etc. Your coach may even have a protocol for you to eat a certain meal during this time. The morning show where most judging takes place will begin a few hours later (possibly 11:00 am or so.) 

You will run through your individual routine, wait off to the side, and then do comparisons against the rest of your class. Judges are looking to compare you to the others you are up against and base your placing on a wide variety of criteria depending on your division.

In between the morning and night show (the finals) you will have a few hours. Since bikini is last, you may have less time than others to go out with friends and family, but your coach may instruct you to eat a certain meal at this time before you come back (5:00 pm est.) for another athlete meeting and preparation for the night show.

The final show will be where you run through the same individual routine and group comparisons in order for the judges to call out your placing and give out awards. Then, that’s it! You are free to get an amazing meal with your loved ones, take a BUNCH of photos, and be proud of all you have accomplished!

Just remember, this is the time where a post-show plan comes in handy so that you know what the next step will be! Maybe you’ll take some time off to perfect your physique or make changes (judge feedback is HUGE!) Or, maybe you will look to see if you can hop back into another show in the near future.

We hope this helps and gets you super excited for show day! Get up there, shine, and show ‘em what you got! 🤩💎👠