Define Your Goals, Define Your Purpose!

2021 Goal Assessment (WITH a downloadable worksheet! 🤩)

Everyone has goals but not everyone accomplishes them…

Having goals in the competition world is necessary to have a clear focus and vision for what you would like to achieve. Once you define what your goals are, you can begin to take the proper steps to get there. For example, becoming an IFBB pro doesn’t just happen overnight!

At The Shoe Fairy, we’re constantly looking to not only provide outstanding quality products, customer service and an overall amazing experience to our customers, but to also bring them V A L U E.

And what better way to do that AND what better timing being that it’s a fresh new year than to create a free, downloadable PDF to help you strategize your goals!

Use this chart to list 5 goals you have in mind down the first left column, then begin to dive deeper as you make your way to the right. Ask yourself, “Where am I now?”, then elaborate upon that. Assess your current situation and then begin to visualize the ideal outcome you wish to achieve with these goals you’ve set for yourself!

Then, take the time to break down each goal and clearly state the steps you will take in order to get there. Some may be more difficult than others, but by doing this exercise you are setting yourself up for success. No successful person blindly went through life to end up where they are. They had a clear vision and understanding of the building blocks that were necessary to overcome in order to get there!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that things can change overnight but if we can control ONE thing, it’s ourselves, and if competing has taught us anything else, it’s that we can do whatever we set our minds to. ❤️

Hope this helps you have the best year yet! Go get what’s yours! 💪

Xoxo, TSF

Goal Assessment