8 Most Comfortable Heels, Tested By Fashion Editors

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Heels are a timeless staple in the fashion world, offering a blend of elegance, height, and style that can elevate any outfit. However, finding a pair that combines style with comfort has often been challenging, leading many to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Not anymore. In our quest to find the perfect balance between chic design and wearable comfort, we turned to the experts: fashion editors. With their keen eye for style and firsthand experience in the demands of day-to-day wear, these professionals have tested numerous heels to bring you the top 8 most comfortable options on the market.

From sleek stilettos that won't leave you limping to block heels that offer stability and support, our list is meticulously curated to suit various tastes, occasions, and foot shapes with plush foam padding. Whether you're gearing up for a long day at the office, a special night out, or just looking for the most comfortable high heels option for everyday wear, our guide has you covered. Prepare to enter a world where comfort meets style and discover heels you can wear confidently and easily all day long.

What to Look for When Shopping for Heels

When shopping for heels, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you find a pair that is both stylish and comfortable. Let's explore these factors in detail:


The height of the heel is crucial in determining the shoe's style and comfort. Here are some points to consider:

Comfort and Walkability: Generally, lower heels are more comfortable and easier to walk in. A heel height of 1-3 inches is often ideal for daily wear.

Occasion and Style: Higher heels can be more suitable for formal events or specific fashion looks. However, they may require more practice to walk in comfortably.

Personal Preference and Comfort Level: Choosing a heel height that aligns with your style and comfort level is important.


    The material of the heel can greatly impact its comfort and durability. Key considerations include the following:

    Patent Leather and Suede: These materials are often more breathable and mold to your feet over time, offering a more comfortable shoe fit.

    Synthetic Materials: While they can be less expensive, synthetic materials might not provide the same level of comfort and breathability.

    Inner Sole and Lining: Look for heels with cushioned insoles and supportive linings, which can significantly enhance comfort.


      A proper fit is essential for comfort and to prevent foot issues. Remember:

      Size and Width: Ensure the heel fits well in both size range and width. Heels that are too tight or too loose can cause blisters and discomfort.

      Arch Support: Consider the arch support provided by the heel. Good support can reduce foot strain and improve comfort.

      Toe Box: Pay attention to the toe box shape and space. A cramped toe box can lead to discomfort and foot problems.

        By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find a pair of heels that provides the style and comfort you desire.

        How to Keep Your Feet Safe While Wearing Heels?

        Wearing heels can add a touch of elegance to your outfit, but it's important to prioritize foot health and safety to avoid discomfort and long-term issues. Here are some tips on how to keep your feet safe while wearing heels:

        Choose the Right Size and Fit

        Proper Sizing: Always ensure your heels fit correctly. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to foot pain, blisters, and other problems.

        Width Matters: If you have wider feet, look for wider options or shoes designed with more room in the square-toe box.

          Opt for Lower Heels

          Manageable Height: Opt for lower and most comfortable heeled sandals for daily wear. A heel height of 1-3 inches is often ideal.

            Select Shoes with Good Support

            Arch Support: Shoes with good arch support help distribute weight evenly for rounded toes, reducing pressure on your toes and the balls of your feet.

            Padded Insoles: Heels with cushioned insoles can provide extra comfort and absorb impact.

              Take Breaks

              Rest Your Feet: If you wear heels for an extended period, take breaks to rest your feet and alleviate pressure.

              Stretch Your Feet

              Regular Stretching: Stretch your feet, ankles, and calves before and after wearing chunky heels to maintain flexibility and reduce strain.

                Strengthen Foot Muscles

                Exercises: Engage in exercises that strengthen the muscles in your feet and ankles to improve balance and prevent injuries.

                  Alternate Footwear

                  Mix It Up: Don’t wear high heels every day. Alternate with lower heels or flats to give your feet a break.

                    Pay Attention to Material and Construction

                    Quality Materials: Choose heels made from quality, breathable materials like leather, which can mold your feet.

                      Use Inserts or Pads

                      Added Cushioning: Gel inserts or padded footbeds can provide additional support and cushioning.

                      Beware of Pointed Toes

                      Toe Space: Avoid excessively pointed toe boxes that squeeze the toes and opt for a more natural foot shape.

                        By following these tips, you can enjoy the elegance of heels while minimizing discomfort and protecting your foot health.

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                        8 Most Comfortable Heels

                        The list of the eight most comfortable heels offers a variety of sexy high heels that cater to different preferences and needs while ensuring comfort. Let's explore them:

                        Platform Heels

                        Platform heels are a popular choice known for their unique blend of style and comfort. Let's delve into their key features:

                        Added Height with Comfort: Platform heels provide additional height without the discomfort of a steep incline, thanks to the platform under the forefoot. This makes walking and standing in them more comfortable than traditional high heels

                        Even Weight Distribution: The platform portion helps evenly distribute your body weight across the shoe, reducing the pressure on the ball of your foot.

                        Versatile Styles: Platform heels come in various designs, ranging from elegant and sophisticated to bold and trendy, making them suitable for different occasions and personal styles.

                        Enhanced Stability: The wider surface area of the platform and the heel offer better balance and stability than thinner, higher heels.

                          When choosing platform heels, it's important to consider the height of both the clear heel platform and the heel to ensure they provide the desired look and comfort level. A well-designed platform heel can add elegance and height to your outfit while maintaining comfort for longer wear.

                          Peep-Toe Kitten Heels

                          Peep-toe kitten heels combine the elegance of a classic heel with the comfort of a lower height, making them a versatile and popular choice. Here are some notable features:

                          Comfortable Heel Height: Kitten heels are characterized by their low to mid-height heels, making them more comfortable and easier to walk in than higher heels.

                          Elegant and Feminine Design: The peep-toe aspect adds an elegant and feminine touch, allowing for playfulness while maintaining a sophisticated look.

                          Versatility in Wear: These heels are versatile enough to be dressed up for formal events or paired with casual attire for a chic, everyday look.

                          Reduced Foot Strain: The lower heel height results in less strain on the feet, ankles, and back, making them a practical choice for prolonged wear.

                            Peep-toe kitten heels are an excellent choice for those who seek a balance between style and comfort. They suit individuals not accustomed to high heels but still want stylish and practical shoes for various occasions.

                            Strappy Mule

                            Strappy mules are a fashionable, comfortable heel option that blends style and practicality. Their key features include:

                            Ease of Wear: As slip-on shoes, strappy mules are incredibly convenient and ideal for quick, easy footwear options.

                            Stylish and Secure Design: The strappy aspect adds to the aesthetic appeal and provides a secure fit, ensuring the foot stays comfortably in place.

                            Versatile Fashion Statement: These shoes can range from casual and simple to more formal and embellished designs, making them versatile for various occasions.

                            Various Heel Styles: Strappy mules come in different heel types, including block, stiletto, or lower heel, catering to different comfort and style preferences.

                              Strappy mules are a great choice for those who value fashion and comfort. They can be easily dressed up or dressed down, making them a flexible addition to any wardrobe. Consider factors like heel height, strap design, and overall support when choosing a pair to ensure they meet your comfort and style needs.

                              Block Heel Sandals

                              Block heel sandals are popular for their perfect blend of style, comfort, and stability. Let's explore their distinct features:

                              Stability and Comfort: The block heel provides a stable and sturdy base, reducing foot strain and making it more comfortable for prolonged wear than stilettos or thinner heels.

                              Versatile Style: These sandals can range from casual to formal, making them suitable for various occasions. They can easily complement a summer, professional, or semi-formal dress.

                              Varied Heel Heights: Block heel sandals come in various heel heights, from low to moderately high, allowing you to choose the most comfortable elevation level.

                              Supportive Structure: Many block heel sandals feature supportive straps or a secure design around the ankle, providing additional stability and reducing the likelihood of foot fatigue.

                                Block heel sandals are an excellent choice for those who seek a heel that offers both fashion-forward appeal and practicality. They are favored for providing a stylish look without sacrificing comfort or ease of walking. When selecting a pair, consider the material, fit, and strap design to ensure maximum comfort and suitability for your needs.

                                Ankle Strap Heels

                                Ankle strap heels are a timeless and elegant choice, known for their distinctive strap that wraps around the ankle. Here are some of their defining features:

                                Added Support and Stability: The ankle strap provides additional support, helping to secure the foot in place and offering stability while walking.

                                Versatile Design: Ankle strap heels come in various styles, from classic and minimalist to more elaborate and decorative designs, making them suitable for various occasions.

                                Flattering Look: The ankle strap can visually elongate the legs, offering a flattering look that complements various outfits.

                                Heel Variety: These heels are available in different heel types, including stiletto, block, and kitten heels, allowing for a choice in height and comfort.

                                  Ankle strap heels are a great option for those who want a chic and sophisticated look while valuing foot stability and comfort. They can be dressed up for formal events or paired with casual wear for an elevated look. When choosing ankle strap heels, consider the strap's width and cushioning, the heel's height, and the overall fit for maximum comfort and style.

                                  Nude Heels

                                  Nude heels are a must-have in any shoe collection, celebrated for their versatility and the illusion of elongating the legs. Here's a closer look at their features:

                                  Leg-Lengthening Effect: The color of nude heels blends with your skin tone, creating a seamless and elongating effect for the legs. This makes them a popular choice for both casual and formal outfits.

                                  Versatile Wardrobe Essential: Their neutral color allows nude heels to pair effortlessly with various outfits, making them highly versatile.

                                  Available in Various Styles: Whether you prefer stilettos, block heels, or kitten heels, nude heels come in all these styles, catering to different comfort levels and preferences.

                                  Adaptable for All Occasions: From formal events to casual outings, nude heels can adapt to any setting while adding a touch of elegance.

                                    Nude heels add a sophisticated touch to your look and offer a practical solution for those seeking a pair of heels that can match almost any ensemble. When selecting nude heels, consider height, material, and the shape of the toe box for maximum comfort and style.


                                    Stilettos are a classic and iconic choice in the heels world, known for their slim and high heels. Here are some important aspects to consider:

                                    Elegant and Sophisticated: Stilettos are often associated with high fashion and sophistication, making them popular for formal events and professional settings.

                                    Heel Height: While stilettos are typically high-heeled, there are variations in heel height. Opting for a slightly lower stiletto can offer more comfort while still providing the elegance of the style.

                                    Supportive Features: Modern stilettos may come with additional features for comfort, such as padded insoles, reinforced arch support, or a slight platform.

                                    Slim Silhouette: Although less stable than a block or wedge heel, the deep heel cup or the slim heel design offers a sleek and feminine silhouette.

                                      While stilettos are often associated with glamour and elegance, choosing a pair with the right features for comfort is important, especially if they are to be worn for extended periods. Look for stilettos with cushioned footbeds and supportive soles, and consider lower heel heights for better comfort.

                                      Clear Heeled Sandals

                                      Clear-heeled sandals have become a popular trend in fashion, offering a unique and modern aesthetic. Here are some of their key features:

                                      Contemporary Style: Clear strap heels are known for their modern and edgy look. They often feature transparent straps or heels, making them a fashionable statement piece.

                                      Versatility in Styling: Due to their transparency, these sandals can complement various outfits, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

                                      Variety of Heel Types: Clear-heeled sandals come in various heel styles, including block, stiletto, and wedge, offering options for different preferences and comfort levels.

                                      Comfort Considerations: When choosing clear-heeled sandals, look for cushioned insoles, supportive straps, and reasonable heel heights to enhance comfort.

                                        Clear-heeled sandals are trendy and perfect for those who enjoy making a fashion statement. They can add a touch of modern elegance to any outfit while providing the desired height and style. As with any heel, it's important to consider comfort alongside style, especially for prolonged wear.


                                        The world of heels offers diverse styles that can cater to various preferences, occasions, and comfort levels. From the elegance of stilettos and the trendy appeal of clear-heeled sandals to the practical comfort of block heel sandals and the secure fit of ankle strap heels, there is a style for every need. The key is to balance fashion with function, ensuring that your choice enhances your outfit and provides the necessary support and comfort for your feet.

                                        Whether you prefer the sophistication of nude heels, the retro charm of platform heels, the playful femininity of peep-toe kitten heels, or the convenience and style of strappy mules, remember that the best heel is one that fits well, supports your feet, and makes you feel confident and comfortable. When selecting your heels, consider height, material, fit, and overall design. You can elevate your style with the right pair while enjoying comfort and grace in every step.