So you want to compete. You picked out your gorgeous suit and now you just want the icing on the cake, shoes and jewelry! That’s where we come in!

You’re scrolling through our website and you’re thinking, “I like this one, this one, this one…Oh no what do I choose? What is RIGHT for ME?

Posing is one of the most IMPORTANT parts of your stage performance so you want to choose a shoe that will allow you to feel and look comfortable and CONFIDENT.

Here’s a break down of what we offer for your feet on stage and always remember to check your federation’s guidelines first!

We have 29 different styles. Some are completely plain; some have rhinestones and you also the option to customize the plain heels with crystals. Every woman needs variety!

NPC Figure & Bikini Rules & Regulations

Let’s talk heel height! We offer heel heights of 4”, 4.5” and 5”. For most federations, this is what is acceptable! If you are someone who just cannot walk in heels, you never do it and anytime you try you look like Bambi, you should opt for a shorter heel. You want to be able to walk with ease on stage and allow your posing to flow naturally! To do so, you must have a heel that will allow that! If you happen to be someone who is very comfortable with heels, then 5” is the way to go!

Now what about the platform? We have options for that too! Some federations are strict with platform height so please always check with their regulations before making your pick! Your options are 1/8” (barely any platform), ½”, ¾” and 1”. From our experience, ¾” platforms are the most popular but 1” platforms tend to be more comfortable and allow for easy transitioning in posing. If you are opting for a shorter heel height, then the ½” and 1/8” platforms are the way to go! The shorter the heel and platform, generally the easier it is to walk in for beginners.

Do you have wide, narrow or normal feet? All of our heels are considered “normal width”. If you have narrow feet, choose a shoe with an ankle strap to ensure the extra security! If you have normal width feet, any shoe will work! If your feet are on the wider spectrum, our 1” platform styles have a wider toe bed and are also known to feel a lot more comfortable! These styles include Lush, Bella, Adore and Serenity.

Ankle straps or strapless? It is no secret that the strapless heels offer a cleaner look. Will the judges notice if you have ankle strap and count that against you? Absolutely NOT! This one is your call. We offer plenty varieties of both styles and if you still can’t decide then try the double foot strap or sling back! Our Princess, Breezy and Goddess styles have a double foot strap to provide you with the clean, strapless look but also the security of having another strap! #WINNING However, if you have a very narrow foot then do not choose this option as the straps may feel loose on your feet! Sling back styles are amazing because the strap actually goes behind your heel, offering the extra security while not cutting off your ankle! These styles include Destiny, Giselle, Allure, Dreamer and Serenity.

Lastly, if you fell in love with a strapless heel but are nervous about how you’ll feel…fear no more the Detachable Ankle Strap is here! These work like a CHARM. They are completely clear and slide under the bottom of the heel to fit exactly like a normal ankle strap. This allows you to have the option of having a strap or not! #GENIUS

So now you get your shoes and they feel super tight. It’s okay, relax! The plastic is brand new so it will feel tight at first. The good news is that you have to practice your posing and when you do so, you will be breaking them in! The plastic will slowly mold to you feet with heat. You can also apply a blow dryer to the foot strap to warm them up and them immediately put them on after. If you feel like your toes are sliding, you just need a pair of Foot Pads or gel inserts! By placing them in the front of the shoe where the balls of your feet go, you will not only be adding extra cushion but also something to keep your feet right in place where they should be.

If need be you can always exchange them for a different size/style. Just be sure to do so within 30 days of your original purchase!

We are always here to help! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us through the website or send an email to You are not alone in this process; we’ve got your back!

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