Introduction to Toxic Angelz Bikinis

We specialize in handmade custom competition bikinis, blinged with Swarovski crystal elements. The genuine crystals are heat set, for a long lasting design and our Bikinis are made to fit like a glove.

We are dedicated to providing high quality and 100% customer satisfaction, so you will shine and stand out from the rest.​

What are the most popular color suits/crystals?

The judges typically like to see gem tones bikinis. Our popular bikini colors are normally the reds, blues and greens in different variations. Some of our popular designs at the moment are our Peacock and Volcano Collection.

What is the difference between a figure and bikini competition suit?

The figure bikini sits higher on the hip and the front and back of the bottom is V-shaped. The top straps are attached to the bottom and criss-crossed in the back. The design is more intricate compared to the bikini suit.

How to pick the right suit & how to order it.

The right suit starts with the color you choose to make you stand out. Pick the connectors depending on your body shape. Someone who wants to accentuate their hip we would suggest a dangle connector. To elongate your legs we suggest a simple, thin connector.

If you have a smaller upper frame, you would want to do a smaller middle connector to enhance that area. The bottom butt coverage will depend on the organization you will be competing in. We offer three cuts: pro, Brazilian and mid coverage. The most popular cut is the pro cut, which will really enhance the look of your glutes by making it rounder due to the heart shape design.

Any promos/sales that you may have going on or coming up?

We will be having a Christmas special coming up. And we’re looking forward for the athlete search by the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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Introduction to Toxic Angelz Bikinis

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